i think im preggo

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      Can someone help me out, okay so we dont use condoms and i am supposed to get my period march 3 or 4. but the past few days i keep getting bad heartburn randomly, my boobs got a sharp pain on and off and seem fuller, i have bad cramps, last weekend i had alot more then usual discahrge (its not a infection), and i keep getting urges to take naps cause im soo tired. could this mean im pregnant?


        yea u have alot of pregnancy symptoms :silly:


          maybe you are., 😉


            i got my period, but how can that be with all those symptoms, like that never happens to me


              So girls can get there periods and still be pregnant.


                sweetheart, i had the exact same things. I too was supose to start my period march 3rd. I tested today and found out i was pregnant.. Let me know how it goes ok?


                  Early pregnancy symptoms and period symptoms are really similar. Usually a positive pregnancy test is the only way to tell if your really pregnant. You have no idea how many months I have had ALL the pregnancy symptoms only to have my period show up right on time!! Most pregnancy symptoms start showing up around 6 weeks from your last period, and before that its easy to miss stuff. The first time I ever got pregnant I was convinced I wasnt pregnant because I didnt have any symptoms, when I got a positive pregnancy test I was so surprised. We were trying and everything, and I was analyzing every symptom, and nothing. The symptoms I ended up having where nothing like I though they would be.

                  I would recommend that you refrain from having sex at least until you know for sure one way or another and also remember that abstinence is the only 100% sure way to not get pregnant……


                    This could mean your pregnant yes. Those are some of the symptoms im having and I think im pregnant aswell :L


                      did you end up getting your period tho?? ill let you all know! ill get a test tonight and take it tomorrow morning. wish me luck!!


                        I got my period, but I’m not sure if i am pregnant or not.


                          see same here, i need to get to the store and buy a HPT. did you have alot of the sypmtoms? let me kno when you take yours


                            Good Luck to you. If you have your “period” then you are not pregnant. Bleeding is possible tho while pregnant but it wouldn’t be the same as you period. Well good luck to everybody


                              I won’t be able to take a test for about two more weeks, right now is too soon.
                              But when i do i will make sure i let you know.


                                man:/ thats upsetting


                                  yeah nerve racking.
                                  But i started to bleed last night,
                                  So i think it’s my period just late.I hope so.
                                  🙂 but update me on whats going on and if you ever need to talk about anything don’t be shy I’m all ear and ill try my best to help you out(:


                                    well in my opinion i say that u might be pregnant…just to make sure wait a couple of weeks and then get tested….thats is wat is happening to me too…. so dnt wrry


                                      I Know what your going through
                                      its nerve racking haveing to wait
                                      when you just want to know
                                      save all this thinking am i prego and what your going to do
                                      it been going though my mind aswell


                                        sounds like you are….you should take a pregnancy test to be shure


                                          well gurly itz the same deal wit me…..just tell me how it goes ok…


                                            Moonbean1995 wrote:

                                            So girls can get there periods and still be pregnant.

                                            How can you get your period and still be pregnant?


                                              It not common but you can. it may not be a very heavy period or might be normal.


                                                Hey! I wanted to ask you a question. Your about a few months older thaqn I am. My bday is in august :]. Any who I saw that you were trying to have a baby. How are you and your bf going to take care of everything (financially). I was just wondering because I do want a baby..my bf wants to wait so we arent trying but I’m trying to figure out the money side of it. Any advice? :p

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