I think i’m having synthoms but I don’t know. HELP

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      Ok so i haven’t started my period yet and i’ve been having headaches, high temperatures, mood swings, cramping, back aches, and in the evening time is when most of the synthoms come together and hit me all at once. Also i’m very tired all the time and have frequent urination. Someone please help me?


        It sounds to me that you could either be having serious pms symptoms, which happens to a lot of women and young girls….or if you have had sex with or without protection, and it was within the fertile time of your cycle, you may have gotten pregnant. If you are late for your period by atleast 5 days, then the hormone that indicates pregnancy will be very high on a blood test. If you can get to a clinic, I would recommend you getting one done.

        Good luck


          Hmmm…the symptoms you are experiencing do sound similar to pregnancy, but it could just be your period about to come of the flu. Before i found out i was pregnant, i was having flu like symptoms, i thought i had the flu. I had a cold, my body ached and i felt tired. Then i took a test and found out i was pregnant. You should definitely take a test soon. Good luck. 🙂

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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