i think i’m having a miscarriage

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      hi! i just confirmed saturday that i’m pregnant but before i figured it out as i was couple days late, and had the implantation cramping. i’m assuming i am a week or so pregnant, despite being on the pill(didn’t use a condom sad to say).

      well, now, i’m having really awful cramps. i started feeling the cramps(like when i’m having a heavy/stressful period but worse) around 3:30 this afternoon when i was studying; kinda like someone is holding and squeezing that section extra hard; occassionally there are throbs. i also have a pain in my lower back, not sharp but its there. also, when i woke this morning, i felt a sharp pain in my side…

      am i miscarrying? or is it normal? 2 years ago, with my first pregnancy, i never felt this much pain so early on, only when i was 3 weeks.


        If you’re having that sort of pain you should DEFINITELY go see your doctor. It could be an ectopic pregnancy which is a big deal. It doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong but it’s always best to get checked out immediately!

        BTW, I had really bad cramping during my first few weeks of pregnancy and it ended up being nothing but my doctor still said he was super glad I’d gone in just in case!


          How are you doing now? a little cramping is normal, but any bad cramps or pain should be reported to your doctor!


            i went to my school’s clinic on thursday, i did 2 urine tests- the pre-lim says i have a UTI, the second, i’ll get the results by wednesday. also, i’m to have an ultrasound but i’m worried about the cost and i doubt my school’s health insurance covers it. the dr requested the ultrasound to see if its due to the UTI or anything else.

            i woke up last night from the pains; its bad. i know i’m a wuss when it comes to pain but it’s freaking me out.


              hey hun. i just had a miscarriage. are u bleeding at all? id say go to emergency and get it checked out to make sure. i was havingcramps like period pain but ten times worse and also lost alot of blood. go to hospital asap. x good luck


                Please go see your Dr. Or go to the ER. I had 2 miscarriages and what you are experiencing sounds a lot like my symptoms. At least go and get checked out just for your peace of mind. I will be praying for you!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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