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      [size=3]so i think i can post this here, i think?

      heres my story..

      im 18 years old, and 3 months pregnant, the father of my baby completly abandoned me, saying that i cheated on him with my boss and that its really his, he demands a dna test .. which i will get when the baby is born, but if he thinks im gonna put that little life at risk, hes got another thing coming, hes blocked me from his life, facebook msn anything, ive gotten rid of my cell phone so i would stop getting harassing text messages from his friends, one of which wants to kick me in the stomach and kill the baby, or i quote in his words, have the baby in the alley itll do you good. My fathers girlfriend let me know about this site and i was pretty intrested you all have really intresting storys and to know that im not alone in the least.. makes me feel so good, but at the same time i know that alot of you are going through so much..

      i started seeing my ex boyfriend of 2 and a half years before i found out i was pregnant, when i told him i was pregnant he was kinda excited he thought it was his then when i explained that it wasnt his, and he had no clue i had been seeing someone else while we were broke up for a few months, he was devastaed, he started calling me every name in the book, saying and promising hed stand by me anyways, and then telling me off everyday, making me feel completly useless, then theres my bestfriend who promised shed be there, about a week or 2 after she found out i was pregnant, i didnt see her, talk to her, or hear from her in weeks just when i thought she wanted something. I was raised by my father sole-ly cause my mom died when i was a baby, and he raised me pretty decent and although i tell him absolutly everything, i find this really hard to talk about.

      i considered abortion, my current exboyfriend ( whatever he is ) they both wanted abortions, then when the babies father read up on abortions he really thought it was in my best nature to have it, i mean i didnt wanna get rid of it in the first place, and its not someone elses decision.. then my ( whatever he is ) tryed to tell me that he was gonna take me to cuba in december and ask me to marry him in the fall of 2011, but only if id get an abortion.. thats sick in my opinion.. basically i kinda wanna get some of your opinions on this, or advice or anything.

      keep in mind guys i really do love my whatever he is, i just dont know what to think anymore.[/size]


        I know how your feeling. The exact same thing happened to me. I was pregnant and i just had an abortion ( not even been a week) the reason i had an abortion was because my boyfriend said the exact same thing to me. He said if i get rid of it he’ll stay with me and get married and then we can have a baby. I wanted to keep the baby. When i told him i was going to keep it he went mental, he swore and had fights with me, he said if i keep it he’ll leave me and if he see’s me in the street he’ll kick me in my tummy. I had the abortion because i love him too bits, but i also love my baby.
        What im going to say to you is, this is your life, your body and your baby. I wish i kept my baby. Everyday i cry because its not in my tummy now where it belongs. Its the most horrible feeling ever. I would do anything to have my baby back. I feel stupid for listening to my boyfriend because i dont know if he will stay with me. Your baby will stay with you, you can’t be sure about your boyfriend.
        Please take the time to think about this. I have been in your situation, threatened and scared. And my outcome is i regret it and i hate what i have done. If you need to talk, message me. But please, think before you do anything. Your a girl, no guy is going to know what it feels like to carry a baby in your tummy, your own baby.


          This is so sad. Im sitting in the same situation. i found out im pregnant on Tuesday, im not sure how far anything from 3-5weeks. Going to the doctor on Monday. My boyfriend has allready booked the abortion the end of the month. im 23 and he is 26. i understand his point of view, we arnt ready financially and he’s not ready physically. we still want to do so much, travel the world, study. we just bought a house, and he wants a bike not a child.

          what do you do? i cant rise the child on my own, where do i stay? were do i get money from? my salary is only that “big”.


            well i have an update on the whatever he is, lastnight over facebook he told me he doesnt want a family, he doesnt want me and he deffinatly doesnt want someone elses baby. ouch that hurt.. but the good news is hes 3 provinces away for a few more weeks, so while he continues to flirt with other people.. i have his xbox 360 psp and 300 drum dbl kick pedal, and i put them all for sale.. as to seeing how i paid for the psp and kick pedal anyways, i should just be able to sell them, he flipped out at me, and told me he hated me, but i guess 2 can play these headgames, but even though i have the evil side to me, im still miserable..

            and another thing the babys actual father talked to me for 2 nights in a row, which is like amazing to me, so maybe hell smarten up and i can leave it all in the dust * crosses fingers *


              Yeah, that same thing happened with me n my boyfriend. u dont need anyone to tell u what 2 do, like it mentioned before its ur baby ur body ur life


                Im 16 and obviously i cant support my baby but what i can tell u is, there is enough support out there for you n ur baby. trust me, its what made me want to keep my baby. i was 8 weeks pregnant. everyday id go online to check whats happening with my baby. see how she/he is growing.


                  Dont let anyone tell you what to do.
                  Thats disgusting saying to you that he will marry you only if you get rid of the baby. I wouldnt do it.
                  Do you know that he isnt the father?

                  Just ignore your ex and move on.

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