i think i might be pregnant! help?!

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      im not on the pill and we havent used condoms. im suposed to be getting my period in the next 3 days, but my body has been acting weird. like i never get heartburn and ive got in really bad the past few days and my boobs keep getting a sharp pain and i wanna take naps now and my mood has been up and down more then usual. and i have cramps. could i be pregnant:)


        Before I knew I was pregant i had started a new job and I was becoming so scaryily exhausted to a point where i just wanted to collape on the floor. I just put it down to my new job being tiring and i would just get used to it. However it wasnt antill 6 weeks I had terrible cramps, like period pains but worse..so bad that i was almost on the floor in pain. I put them down to coming on my period…which i didnt after a few days i researched on the internet and i sat there and just knew i was pregnant. I took a couple of tests then went to see a nurse. My boobs were very painful to even lightly touch but looking back it was the complete exhaustion i encounted and the cramps were the big giveaway.


          you could be you should take a test to confirm it


            yeah i jus started a new job 2 weeks ago, i had really bad cramps last night, so bad i was crying, there usually not half as bad but then i started bleeding but it wasnt alot at first. what do you thini?


              looks like it could be your period!!


                you should probably wait to see if u get your period because those could also be your period.
                keep everyone updated and good luck!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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