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      i think i might be pregnant..
      me and my boyfriend have had sex 14 times unprotected.
      after the first 2 times i came on my period.. πŸ™
      however, it was very light and only lasted 3 days, it normally lasts 5-6 days. :S
      i have been feeling really tired lately, and i have been feeling sick and dizzy all day long for like the last 4-5 days.
      i have also had trouble sleeping for the last couple of days, and also feel the need to urinate more often. :ohmy:
      i have got cramping in my tummy (which i don’t even get before my period) :unsure:
      my period is due tommorow (5th august)
      i just want to know what’s wrong.
      am i pregnant?
      or could something else be wrong?
      please could anyone help. :cheer:
      thanks. x


        well i could be that you’re pregnant but maybe you should wait until your period comes and dont stress or study that you might be pregnant cause that could cause your period to be late. and even if your late wait at least a week after being late to take a test. good luck!!:)


          It does sound like you are pregnant… Your last ‘period’ was probably implantation bleeding and not a period at all.
          Of course, if you are under an unusual amount of stress that can cause most of your symptoms as well.
          Wait until you period is a week late and then take a Home pregnancy test.
          Let us know how it all works out, ok? πŸ™‚ Good luck!


            well my period was due either the 4th or 5th..
            and because i couldn’t wait any longer i took a pregnancy test yesterday.. it came back negative πŸ™
            i was so dissapointed because me and my bf actually want a baby now.
            we havn’t been together long at all but we have already picked out names for the baby and everything.
            which makes me want it even more.
            and we are getting a flat together in december and stuff.
            so we already have it all planned out.
            so i was upset when it said negative.
            i thought it could of been implantation bleeding.. which mean i’m like 4-5 weeks gone..
            shouldn’t it show up on a test by now?
            or is it best for me to wait another week and if i don’t get my period test again?
            my periods are normally like clockwork..

            let me know what you think.


              That is confusing, but some people aren’t able to get a positive pregnancy test until they are much further along.
              Definitely take another test if your next period is late, or consider going to the doctor to get a blood test. πŸ™‚
              And make sure to let us know how it goes! πŸ™‚


                i was in a RTA about a month ago..
                so that could be why my period is late.. due to stress of being in hospital etc.
                i came on my period today.. a week late..
                but is there a chance i could still be pregnant?
                as this might be implantation bleeding..
                so depending on how long this ‘period’ last should i take another test after?
                let me know


                  Yeah, there is still a chance that you might be pregnant.
                  I would take one more test if I were you… it can’t do any harm . πŸ™‚


                    ok you know i said i came on my period 3 days ago..
                    well it is really light compared to my normal periods
                    and normally yesterday (2nd day) is always the day when i get really bad cramps and have to stay in bed like all day
                    but i never got any of that
                    so does it sound like this is just implantation bleeding or something?
                    me and my boyfriend actually want a baby now
                    and if i’m not pregnant we are going to try again πŸ˜›
                    but i just want some help
                    does anyone think they know whats going on?
                    and if i am pregnant or not?
                    confused :unsure: + worried πŸ™
                    please help!!!
                    thanks x


                      early this morning at 2/3am i got really bad shotting pains in my tummy..
                      this happened again at about 4am as well
                      it was really painful and i fel sick for about an hour after :S
                      does anyone know what could of caused this?
                      and my period is practically not even there at the mo where it is so light
                      help anyone!?


                        You should go to the doctor and get a blood test… that way you can find out if you really are pregnant or not. Also, make sure to tell the doctor about the shooting pains, ok? πŸ™‚


                          can someone please reply
                          confused :S
                          i dunno what to do
                          we are still having unprotected sex πŸ˜›
                          so i know i am probably gonna end up pregnant if i’m not already


                            ooo didn’t realise you replied :silly:
                            i’m scared to go to the doctors though
                            coz what if i’m not pregnant..
                            and summat else is really wrong
                            i’m scared of what they are gonna say :ohmy:
                            and if they say i’m not pregnant i’m gonna be dissapointed
                            coz as i said me and my boyfriend actually want a baby now :woohoo:


                              could the shooting pains be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy?
                              and when do you think i should take a test again?
                              i’ve been looking at pregnancy calendars and they say i am like 7 weeks pregnant :ohmy:
                              (from my proper period in august)
                              so i really don’t know what to think
                              anyone help!?


                                i think u should take the test, when i did mine i was alomost 3 months pregnant and i neva even knew


                                  Yes, if you are having shooting pains that bad it COULD be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy…
                                  I know that it can be nerve-wracking to go to the doctor, but if you aren’t pregnant and something else is wrong, or if you have an ectopic pregnancy you REALLY REALLY need to find out whats going on.
                                  If you just wanna keep doing HPT than the thing to do is just wait a week in between each one.
                                  But it would REALLY be a good idea to go to the doctor. πŸ™‚
                                  I hope you find out what’s going on soon! Let us know! πŸ™‚


                                    well i went to sign up to my boyfriends doctors surgery yesterday
                                    (as i have been living with him for a month)
                                    and i was going to make an appointment at the same time
                                    but got so scared and had to walk out of the surgery πŸ™
                                    i know i should go..
                                    because if i am pregnant i need to find out if everything is ok.
                                    and if i’m not pregnant i need to find out what those shooting pains were.
                                    also i took a HPT this morning and it came back negative :huh:
                                    so i dunno whats going on :S
                                    if your having an ectopic pregnancy..
                                    do you still get periods?
                                    and does it show up on a HPT?
                                    scared + confused :blink:


                                      i went to the docs earlier today
                                      and she said that i’m deffinately not pregnant
                                      so it’s not even ectopic or anything
                                      so that’s a good sign :cheer:
                                      she said the irregular periods and the shooting pains could just be side effects of my accident
                                      or it could be an infection :blink:
                                      so i’m gonna get checked for that


                                        You really should go to the doctor. Going to the doctor is not going to make you pregnant or not pregnant just shed some light on the problem you are having. Best of Luck. Jessica


                                          She’s right. You need to go the doctor ASAP. Don’t be worried, because when you are supposed to have a baby, your time will come. As for you trying for a baby, please wait until you are actually ready and married. I say this because I’m pregnant and 15 and my boyfriend and I are under a lot of emotions and stress. We are discussing marriage, but not exactly sure what to do at this point. A baby can bring a lot of joy to a relationship, but it is also very difficult on a relationship. You need to make sure that your baby is brought into the best possible enviroment, and all issues are worked out. You say that you haven’t been together long… and you need to realize all the responsibilities of being parents. It’s very expensive, and you need to be financially stable and be out of school and all that. I’m not entirely sure of your situation- but if you and your boyfriend are ready for a child, then you need to take the steps to be married.

                                          Now if you are pregnant, take it in stride day by day and you both need to discuss options that are best for you both and your unborn child- the most important person in this family. Congratulations and all the best to you!

                                          I’m here whenever you need to talk. πŸ™‚


                                            do wats best for you and your partner,you no deep inside wat you want and i highly suggest you see a doctor..my big day is 2day too,i apparently 8-9 wks pregnant since my last period n wif positive test result ect ill find out 2day if i am pregnant from blood tests.but hey i no its scary but stay strong ey n you will be right.never panic until you no for sure your pregnant.you never no.
                                            sam πŸ™‚


                                              hey you could have an ectopic pregnancy if u have cramping or u could be pregnant and be having a misscarriage or it could be implantation pains.
                                              if u need any help go to ur local fmaily planning clinic.
                                              and if u want to talk just let me no.


                                                i don’t think any of you read my last post properly..
                                                i already went to the doctors with my boyfriend the other day
                                                i am not pregnant
                                                so there is no risk of an ectopic pregnancy
                                                the doctor thinks that the irregular periods and the shooting pains are caused by stress from my RTA
                                                or an infection
                                                but she said if my next period is irregular or late then i should take another HPT
                                                and go back to the doctors if i am worried
                                                i’ll keep you all updated

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