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      [b][color=#800080]im 17 and i think i might be pregnant…ive been experiencing sore lower back pains, lower stomach pains, heartburn, dizziness, feeling like i need to vomit every now and then and this has all been going on for about 3 weeks :S.

      i had my last normal period about 4 weeks ago and then i started to feel all these pains not long after my period was gone. my partner broke up with me on christmas day and i havent eaten since christmas lunch :unsure:.

      im affraid that the stress that im going through might cause me to lose my baby if im pregnant. i told him that i think that i may be pregnant and he told me that he wanted me to get rid of it. i cant stand the thought of killing an innocent child. i told him that the baby didnt ask to be here but nothing seems to be changing his mind :(.

      i can take care of my child i know i can but i also want my baby to have a father. he said he will have nothing to do with my child if im pregnant because he cant afford it. hes on a high income and is just making excuses :huh:.

      i really need to know if my symptoms could be because im pregnant. im too scared to go to the family doctor because i dont want to tell my mum and i dont want to bump into anyone i know in the surgery. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

      im so glad that ive found this website. its the first time ive ever seen this site and it seems to be excellent.[/color][/b]



        Is there a close friend who could help you purchase and take a home pregnancy test? If not I would contact Birthright or a local crisis pregnancy center. Most will do free and confidential pregnancy tests. If you are pregnant and do not want to have an abortion do not let your boyfriend pressure you into an abortion. Listen to your heart and do not act out of fear or pressure. Hopefully the result of the test will be as you want, but if you are facing an unexpected pregnancy the crisis pregnancy center should be able to help you to break the news to your family. Hang in there. Best wishes.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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