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      So for the past week i have been pretty tired and exhausted, also i get nauseous at night and a few times actually throwing up and i have been a little bit bloated as well. Well it stopped for a couple of days and is now starting that again Well i noticed that i was bleeding last night but not really heavy it was really light so i was just like okay i started my period, well the bleeding stopped the next day, and i haven’t taken a test yet because i wasn’t sure if i could be or if would be to early to take one could anyone please help me.

      Julie Shay


        Hey, Julie, i think you should go see a doctor so that you can stop being worried over the unknown….


          I am having the same symtoms! But it is too early to take a test, I have a week and then i can take one. I am feeling very sick every morning for the last week, and I have been exhausted and very lightheaded all the time. This is NOT normal for me. I had unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago, but it was right after my period. I dont know if I am or not! We might be in the same situation Julie.


            dont worry, im in the same situation your in. i have to wait for another week til i can take a test to find out. :dry: i am sleepy during the day sometimes, and i get so nauscious just at the smell of food that i cant even eat most days. :unsure: a great time to take a test is 7-10 days after you had sex. it is better to take the test in the morning as soon as you wake up. your first pee of the day is the best. that will be when they are most accurate. another sign of pregnancy is if you nipples hurt just at the touch of them. well, i hope that helps you. 🙂



              Iam really worried and just really need s1 to talk to. My daughter is 7 months old and I think I may be pregnant again and I dont wanna be but I really dont know what to do. My period is late this month. And I know Iam stupid for not getting birth control but it is hard to do nething when u have a baby. Iam worried to death. Iam only 19 and me and my husband just really dont get along very well:unsure: . Not to mention how hard it is to raise a baby these days. Could someone plz mmb and just give me some advice..
              I would rlly appreciate it.

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