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    Lonely girl891

      I think I just got pregnant and don’t know what to do! I was with this guy I barley know and we had sex. If any one knows of any ways to prevent me from getting pregnant before my period please tell me. I have been pregnant once before and I had a miscarriage and don’t want that to happen again. I’m so scared!


        There’s really no way of knowing if you’re pregnant yet, it’s very soon. I understand you’re scared though. I had a miscarriage when I was 16 and it was devastating.
        Keep us updated when you find out something.


          If you did just get pregnant than there is nothing you can do to keep from getting pregnant before your period.

          Wait until your period is late and then take a HPT and let us know what the result is. No matter what it is you can find support on here.
          And welcome to the site! 🙂 I hope that everything works out for you!


            Don’t stress out! You may be, you may not be. Let things turn out the way that they are supposed to. If you are, there is LOTS of help and support on this site. It helps a tremendous amount.

            If you are already pregnant, then there is no way of stopping it unless you were to choose an abortion… which if you’re leaning towards that, I advise you to REALLY THINK about the cons, which are higher than the pros.

            Also, if you’ve had a miscarriage before, I read in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” that your risks are slightly decreased for the second pregnancy in a normal, low-risk pregnancy. So, just because you’ve had one before doesn’t mean that you are going to now!

            One more piece of advice… if you’re not pregnant, learn from your mistakes! It seems like you’ve made this mistake over before… but have more respect for yourself and wait for the right man that you love!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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