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      My last period was Dec. 18th 2008, I have not had one since then, my periods come ever 28 days like clockwork.

      :S I have had unprotected sex more than once before that period started, and many times after it ended, but my boyfriend pulls out every time he is about to ejaculate, could there be any way that I could have gotten pregnant even if he pulls out?

      I heard that you can still get pregnant by pre-ejaculation, is this true?

      About 2 weeks ago I started throwing-up 2-3 times a week just whenever (mid-day, night, morning), that has gotten a little better and now my lower stomach (ovary area) cramps up worse then a period, like stretching, pushing kind of sharp pains.

      My body usually can tell when my period is a day or two away, but I have not felt that I am going to have one, my period comes either on the 18th or 20th of every month, I have never missed one before ever!
      until now.

      When my boyfriend and I have sex now, while we are doing it (missionary style) it really hurts up by my ovaries and pelvic area, when we try different position it does not hurt at all.

      I also have some light pink spotting like I am going to start but then I dont and it goes away!?!

      I am a really scared please any help would be great, what should i do? E.P.T or DR.?
      Thank you


        I don’t know whether or not you are pregnant, but if you think you are I suggest you take pregnancy test to be sure.

        I was concerned by your post. The pain that you are describing during sex is something you need to go to the doctor for. It might not be anything but it might be the sign of something serious. Make an appointment today.

        Much love.


          You should definitely go to a doctor. Get a blood test and see if you are pregnant and try to find out why you are having pain!
          Let us know what you find out, ok?


            while i read i just remember i had the same symptoms now im almost 5 months , so i sugest you to take a blood test
            and for the pain the doctor told me that something inside take a little move, but you need to visit your doctor


              Hey everybody,
              I went to the doctors today and he told me that I am not pregnant, he said that it looks like my body is having a false pregnancy.:unsure:
              I didnt even know that could happen…:(

              I am still in pain and he said that it could be a mix of things like stress, false pregnancy, and missed period all put into one.
              I hope my period comes, if not I’m going back to the doctors.

              Thanks all for the answers.
              Rachel :kiss:


                I hope that everything works out for you! Try not to stress, ok? Are you doing alright?


                  Yes they call this a Phantom Pregnancy. Where you get all the possible signs etc.

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