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      Well the last 3 months have really been crazy for me. I met this guy and we really hit it off.. In the month of October we had sex every weekend probably 3x times each weekend and each time without a condom and he came inside me too. I have been on OTC Lo and have been on it since last November, but never had sex without condoms. Today I was suppose to start my period and my period is very accurate, I start it always on Tuesday at the same exact time every month. So I always know what time I am going to start. Well I didn’t… I keep thinking to myself well maybe it was because how worried I have been and I took a first response pregnancy test after school and it was negative, but that doesn’t seem very reliable after reading posts about the tests on this site. I am going to be 16 in 2 weeks and I really am scared, I have not told my now Ex boyfriend about it yet because he worries a lot and already seems to have many other issues.I was irresponsible about taking my birth control this month, I took 2 pain pills, which I am not sure have an affect and I was drinking on the weekends too. I even threw up and I am guessing probably threw up the pill with it because it was within about 2 hours of taking the pill. I also missed it by about 5 hours 2 or 3x. Could I be pregnant…? I have had symtoms of being very sleepy too which is really not normal for me because I am the type of person that sleeps only when I am sick. I have also had headaches almost everyday and thats not normal either. On top of this I am worried because I really think I maybe… Please reply SOON .. thanks :S


        I would say, wait a few more days and take another preg. test. You could be pregnant… no birth control is 100% effective. You also may just be stressed out about it. But if you missed some pills and were vomiting, it is very possible that you could have become pregnant. I wish you the best of luck!!

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          you can try a htp again if you want, but the only fool proof way to know for sure if your pregnant is to go to the ob gyn and they’ll give you a test to know for sure. good luck.

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