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      i dont really kno see im 16 i thought itd be a mutual choice bwme and my bf since it was a part of him too. Now hes completely fine and my life is falling apart, i out of no where begin to cry while other times i kno i saved it from a terrible life a father that would have hated it as well as it not being normal from all the drinking and smoking… i just dont know. HELP! i just need someone aside from my bf who i admit tries he doesnt understand WHY im still terrible.


        What Exactly are you talking about ?


          putting all that mess you wrote together i assume you are talking about abortion?

          thats how it ends up usually..thats how it was for me too, i felt ugly, dirty, ashamed, guilty, a bad person, and
          my BF moved on and was acting like we didnt kill a part of him too, like the baby we aborted was just mine.

          talk to him, tell him whats going on with you, cause i didnt, i had the feeling that he just didnt or didnt want to understand (and who kno’ws, maybe i was right) and we ended our relationship after 3 years.

          if you ever need…maybe just a person who will listen to you, you can PM me whenever you want!+

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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