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      I feel girls considering abortion should read my story, and here it goes…..

      About 2 months ago i found out i was pregnant. I was scared but so elated. The father of my baby felt other wise. He kept telling to that we werent ready, but it was really him who wasnt ready. He kept begging me not to do "this" to him because he wasnt ready for a baby. I wanted my baby, but i didnt want to lose him. I loved him so much. So i decided to please him and get an abortion. I regret it everyday. i regret killing my baby and not being able to feel her inside of me. ( I felt it was a girl). my advice to girls out there is to follow your heart and what you want, not what others say or want u to do. Iwish i had followed my own advice. There are other options girls…. follow your heart.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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