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      Hi my name is Satava. I am 17 and half and have a son who will be 6 in December. I got pregnant again a while back in 2009 but she was a stillborn. And now i am really thinking that I want to get pregnant again but i have birth control the little inplant thingy that goes in your arm and it stops my period and i dont really want to wait to get it taken out but i am having such a hard time trying to get a job and its 195$ to get this damn thing taken out. But im really going to try to get it out and get pregnant again but the advice i need is.

      Should i try to find a guy who will want to stay with me and help raise the baby with me I mean yeah i know that would be nice but how many guys want to raise a baby and espically help raise some other guys baby?
      Or should i just go find a hot guy and hope that he produces me a hot baby?


        Hey girl! I love your profile picture 🙂

        Your desire to have another child is a good desire and a natural desire. It’s great to want another child. Have you considered getting married and then getting pregnant.

        Children thrive best when they are raised by two parents who are married. That is not to say that people don’t thrive when they are in single parent families, but if you want to have a child you should consider giving them all the advantages that you can. And the best thing that you could give any child is the advantage of being born inside of marriage.

        So I do think that you should go find a hot guy 🙂 that will produce you a hot baby, but find a hot guy who wants to make you his wife first!


          [i]Kia ora :]

          It’s natural to want another baby, even I’ve been thinking about it since I had a mc in November last year but I decided to wait until I’m out of school and when I’m with the right guy and all that jazz :]

          It would be awesome to find a hot guy that hopefully gives you a hot baby but I think that you should also try to find someone that would stay with you too. Like queenB said, kids can be perfectly happy with a single parent family but if you’re considering having another baby then you could also consider giving them a full family. My mum and dad split up when I was five and I can honestly say that I don’t remember him from my younger years so it doesn’t matter that much but when I got older I started to question why he wasn’t around all the time when I wanted to see him and be with him. I’m a real “daddies girl” so I would do anything for him but I love my mum for everything that she has done and given up so we could have what we wanted and needed.

          So I say find a hot guy that will give you a hot baby but wants to stick around as well :] That way it’s a win-win situation :][/i]

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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