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      My name is Nicole and my period has not came yet. My last period came on April 7th and went off the on the 9th. It is now June 9th and my period has not come on yet. I have took several pregnany test and they all keep saying negative. Could someone please give me some advice on what to do I would gladly appreciate it.


        Hi Nicole-

        I would definitely go to the doctors. Something could be going on with your hormones.


          I agree with the last comment. If the tests keep coming out negative, and your not getting any other symptoms, then you need to see a doc. about your hormone levels.


            Hm… Well, if you’ve taken different pregnancy tests, then chances are – you’re not pregnant. But definitely go to your doctor about that. *waggles finger* You never know.


              hey nicole, dont worry about it! every girls body is different! let me tell u what happened to my sister, she didnt get her period for some months and she was as scared as u are, but then all of the sudden here it comes! every girls body is different and functions a bit differently! :kiss:


                Maybe its just nothing you should wait.


                  First of all, RELAX. A lot of times when you are in a stressful situation (moving, boyfriends, marriage, job change, school,etc) your body body goes into survival mode, and for women, that means the conservation of blood.

                  But, if you are in a intimate relationship with someone, I would suggest you do stop and get to the doctors’, not to mention a faithful adult confidaunte. They might ask how long you’ve been menstrating, what your life’s been like lately, how long you’ve been sexually active, and whether or not you’re on contraceptives. If you aren’t, they might suggest that you start using some. And that faithfull adult will be willing to sit and listen to your concerns and offer some advice.

                  And talk to your partner about this. And I don’t care what you do to make him listen. If he cares, he is goning to need to know about this whether he likes it or not. If he doesn’t, I would suggest telling your adult confidaunte and bringing the police into this if anything else is invoved in this: i.e. drugs, battery, rape,etc. After all, he did make the choice to love you, and you both made the choice to become active.


                    u should go to the doctor because that is not normal


                      Well if you are sexually active you may be pregnant you should go to a doctor or try a pregnancy test

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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