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      Ok, so here is the thing… I don’t think im pregnant but am very confused and the idea of being pregnant is in the back of my mind. Here is what’s wrong… I had my period like normal at the beginning of this month (August) and then I got my period again just recently. At the start of it it was very light and i questioned if i was pregnant but now it is acting like a regular period but it’s not supposed to happen! plus, i have also had things happening like I am unusually tired all the time and I get dizzy when i stand up and I’m always hungry and my boobs are very sore 🙁 idk what to think. is it just a period that happened for no apparent reason? Or could I be pregnant and this is a weird and unusuall side-effect? If u have any idea or thoughts please comment 🙂 thanks!


        I’m Having the same exact symptoms as you…but my period was spotting & it lasted for 4days & i’m now waiting on my period to come & it hasn’t showed yet…im confused too. :S


          If you are having sex, you can always be pregnant. While it is very rare to have a period while pregnant, you can always go in and take a test to make sure. If you call 1800-395- HELP they will tell you where a pregnancy center in your area is. The pregnancy centers are free, and confidential and they are very helpful there.
          Early pregnancy symptoms and period symptoms are most of the same things, tender breasts, cramps, even nausea is common during your period.


            iAuquarius- it is ok, and even normal to not have as heavy of a period, expecially if you are young and even if you have very regular periods. If you read my other comment, you can also call the pregnancy hotline number and get in touch with someone who can give you a free pregnancy test.


              well now idk i have researched and lots of people experience heavy regular bleeding when they are pregnant and also i didn’t realize it before but i am kind of getting a small belly and i have weird feelings like in my stomach like just below my bellybutton or a little lower. It’s hard to explain it just feels really funny and it happens every so often and most of the time when i’m sitting down


                u could be pregnant n stillexperience a period my mother had a period until she was 7 months pregnant with me my advice to u is get a test asap and find out so that way u can find out wats going on with ur body thoseare all symptoms i wish u the best of luck n im here for u


                  i have the same symptoms as you, let me know how it turns out.

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