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      gus i am new here i am 14 years old and i am haveing my first chikld in december i dont know what todo and the babies dad justmoved what should i do i am adopted do you think i should give my baby up foradoption so i know that she will have a better life i have a great life i just cant take thebabyright nowwhat should i do now???


        If you don’t feel that you can take care of the baby then adoption is the next best option. But talk to your parents and to the father of the baby. Think long and hard about it and make sure it is the best thing for you and the child.



          If you feel that you wouldn’t be able to take care of the child on your own and that your child would have better opportunities being raised by an adoptive family then adoption is a great alternative. You might even be able to choose and meet the adoptive parents and some adoptions are open adoptions in which you would still have contact with the child. There are many options and possibilities. If you are considering adoption you should probably let the child’s father know. Best wishes.



            thanks guys well i ended up keeping the baby and she was born last week she is still in teh hospita but will be comminhome soon thanks guys for all of your support and yes the dadis still around he flys out here every week so he can see her well it has only been one week but he is out here with me for thanks givving


              i am glad you didnt have an abortion adoption is best if you feel that you cant provide for the baby then go for it.


                i think that having the currage to go through the pregnancy is something you should be very proud of! and also i think that if u feel that putting your baby up for adoption is the best solution and the right thing to do you should go ahead with it. also if u wanted to keep contact there is always an open adoption so u can keep track on how your baby is doing!
                i hope this has helped you! goodluck!! xx

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