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      Well I am 19, and I just found out i am 5 weeks pregnant. I have been with my bf for four years and he is supportive of whatever decision i make. My mother on the other hand, is being COMPLETELY unsupportive. She said that I need to have an abortion, because if i dont she’ll throw me out and wont want anything to do with me or the baby. Honestly I dont wanna hurt my mom, or family but I have my heart set on having this baby. Im so torn, and i don’t want to make a decision i will regret.
      Any advice at all would be so appreciated.


        i haven’t had a baby but the advice i can give you is that you should deff. keep the baby and live your life with a wonderfuly boy or girl. yea it will be hard and tought but having an abortion is not the answer. i am totally against it. but on the other hand having a baby means you have to work hard and really be commited to this baby so i think you are going to have a wonderful life with this baby =] hope this helped somewhat.


          let her know that you want her in the childs life and also want her to still be part of ur life but if she chooses not to then it’s her own doing………please do not have an abortion just because your mom is trying to guilt you into it……..besides ur 19 ur an adult and it’s ur choice if u want to have a baby, and she can’t change that…….
          best of luck!


            Hi, im’ nineteen and i’m 6 1/2 wks pregnant. And my bf is UNSOPPORTIVE in addition to having my mom say the same things she did to you as she did to me. This pregnancy is a blessing and you need to see that (i’m not religous or anything) but it’s a great thing, this pregnancy. And this is an oppurtunity for you…MOVE OUT!!All signs point to move out! Save $1000 each, you and your bf and get an apartment together. Get a 1-bedroom, its easy, i got kicked out on my 18th birthday and months later i moved in with my bf into a 1 bedroom apartment,. It’s thebest decision i have ever made! You need the security deposit (which is one and 1/2 months rent, meaning if your rent is 600 dollars, the security deposit would be $900, because 600 + 1/2 of 600, or 300 = $900) then after you pay the security deposit you need to pay for one month’s rent up front, so the 900 dollars plus the 600 dollar rent, THAT’S IT!!! which isn’t a whole lot. just save. that’s like 2 paychecks from you and two paychecks from your bf!! it’s easy and its fun and its great..that way your mom cannot kick u out or torture you anymore. get settled in a little bit. Especially cuz you’ve been with your bf for four years, that’s plenty!!! I’m telling you you need to listen to me KEEP THE CHILD i had an abortion and it was beyond any physical pain i’ve ever had in my life. It’s sooo depressing, it feels like a close loved one died in ur arms. Like if your bf got killed and you found out you could have saved him…that’s the incredible pain you’d feel and you never thought you’d feel that horrible but you do. Good luck with everything


              I would encourage you to keep this baby. I had my daughter on my own at 20 I now have two children. You are an adult you are capable of supporting yourself with a job and this baby will only grow you up further than you are now. my caution is for your boyfriend. if he is supportive of your decision to keep or abort that means he is saying i dont care if the baby lives or dies. my daughters father was the same way. he is no longer in her life . even after she was born when we would fight he would sometimes tell me he wished i would have had an abortion. he even said it in front of her when she was 1. a real man who is expecting a baby and is willing to be a part of the childs life would have more of an opinion of what he wants. I am not judging or steriotyping your bf but you are on here looking for advice. please keep this baby. Just think as the baby is born and grows overtime you know he/she will be cute and im sure even if your family is upset at first that the baby will just grow on them 🙂 dont give them a reason to regret this baby either be responsible and make every effort you can to keep your family together 🙂


                Hi there! Being, that I had a supportive mom, I am sorry! I feel bad, that your mom won’t accept the fact, that you are having a child-even young! I know so many people/teenagers, just like you, not having a supportive mom and/or family…. so I am sorry, again! How are you doing? I think you should talk with your mom, seriously… have a talk, even if she doesn’t listen, at least, try to talk with her. (In person, if you can)


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