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    sophia roses mummy

      well update guys!

      things with my mum is like awful atm!

      we had a big argument last week and she ended up hitting me so i walked out

      im 21 weeks pregent 22 weeks on the 19th july 2009

      and i dont know what to do

      how can i forgive her after what she has put me thru these past 2 years?

      HELP & ADVICE pleasseeeee guys

      loveyou thankyou xx


        Sorry atm? What has your mom done to you?

        sophia roses mummy

          she hit me and im 22 weeks pregnant on the 19th july.
          we used 2 be really close and its brking my heart always fighting with her but she wont understand why i want 2 keep my little girl.


            That is so awful :angry: :ohmy: I would think out of every one that she would be the most understandable. NO ONE should hit a pregnant women and she shouldn’t get away with it just because she is your mum. It is your choice if you want to keep your baby girl and I should mention a good one at that! I praise you for not getting an abortion! Where are you living atm? I would suggest moving in with a close friend atleast until things die down. I would also suggest getting togeather with your mum at a cafe or a public place ( she will not be as likely to hit you in a public place or make a big scene there) and talking about it explain to her why you want to keep your baby and that it is not her life!

            All the best, I hope this helps,:) :side:
            Erin xxx


              Hey Gabby I am really sorry to hear you are having issues with your mom. Maybe you should sit down and try to talk to her. As a mom I totally understand her worrying about you being able to raise a baby and being scared for your future. Even though I was once in your shoes now as a mom I would never want my daughter to go through what I went through. I do not agree with her hitting you and that is why I think you need to talk to her, maybe she does not know how to express her feelings. If you honestly feel deep down inside you that she is capable of doing harm to you or your unborn child you should consider finding another place to live. I wish you the best of luck.


                Hi Gabby. I always suggest TALKING. Talking and communication is the most important thing in a relationship… especially one as important as mother v. daughter.You are in your most vulnerable time right now and I think it’s very, very wrong to have hit you. But on the flip side, you have to understand that she is shocked, stressed out, and worried. In no way am I justifying her actions, but what I am trying to do is get you to understand that you both have your sides of the story. She has been handling the situation wrong, so talk to her about how you’re feeling. If that fails, then you may want to figure out an alternative living situation. Either way, this is YOUR baby, your body, your everything. Make the right choice for you and your child, despite what others think, say, or do. Your mom may just need some time to cool off. Maybe stay with your fried for a while? My family and I constantly fought while I was pregnant. They never hit me, but we just yelled a lot. There was just so much stress and tension that it pulled us apart, but as soon as the baby was born… things started pulling themselves together.

                Good luck and stay safe!

                sophia roses mummy

                  thank you for all the advice (:

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