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      Hey guys..i know i just recently posted one of these but i havent gotten any replys and i need help!! im 15 and i think i might be pregnant. i was suppose to start my period the 19th(or somewhere around there) and its the 27th and i still havent started. one day i went to the bathroom(pee) i know this is going to sound really gross but when i wiped myself there was blood but i wasnt like bleeding like i was on my period.. :ermm: my nipples are really sore, im tired ALL THE TIME like i always want to sleep no matter what..i always have to pee..one day i went pee seriously like 3 times in a hour and i wanst even drinking that much! then i get sick like im going to throw up smelling certain fods..for instance the other day i was eating wings from beef o bradys that i brought home and the smell of them made me gag and gave me a headache..it happens with other things too. sometimse i get cramps..no bad..like im going to start my period but i never do!!! i just dont know..i dont wanna take a test yet because im not sure. i know i should but what do you guys think? any of you who can help me PLEASE do! i really need it. thanks so much guys!!
      All my love, Bri


        e.p.t and most all over the counter test are 99% accurate the first day you miss your period, so just take a test. The instructions are simple and try to use first morning urine.


          Hi Bri,

          I think you need to be really brave and take a test ~ you certainly seem to have a lot of the symptoms. When do you think that you might have conceived? You mentioned the blood that wasn’t a period. I’m wondering if that could have been implantation bleeding.

          Do you have a school friend you can confide in and take the test with so that you don’t need to tell your boyfriend if it turns out you get a negative result or get your period in the meantime.

          Good luck you x


            hey i’m 15 and pregnant i know it’s really scary but you need to take a test and if you are pregnant see a doctor and explore your options. don’t be afraid i’m here for you. sam

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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