I really cant believe it.

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      I have been going over it in my again and again. How did this happen? Why did this happen. Things were so perfect and now I’m so lost. I just found out yesterday that I’m pregnant… I have a daughter already who is 10 months and I have been dating her father on and off for about 6 months now. This baby is most likely not his and it tears my heart apart. I love him so much and I hurt him so bad. We had plans that I was going to move in with him and he had told me he was going to propose. I just am so lost and so confused. I want to get an abortion more than anything but I just can’t kill something that had nothing to do with being here…. its not its fault, its mine. And all I can think of now is I’m pretty much alone again (its a long story with my daughter) and I just can’t figure out how to deal with it at the moment. I really need a lot of help.


        Awh hun I’m sorry for what you’re going through. There is always adoption if you feel like you can make a decision like that. I really hope things will work out for you in the future. Good Luck


          hey i went through somthing kind of the same. email me if you want to chat.


            I can feel your agony…I had a bit same story with you…just a month ago I discover that I am not pregnant..for 3 months I am assuming I am pregnant coz of 3 months delay of my menstruation. I do have a son a 2 year old boy.I got pregnant at the age of 17 and the father and I are in good terms,living in the same house with his parents,but relationship is rut! The worst part is if I was pregnant the baby is not his,but with the man whom I had a one night stand with.,.don’t deal with it so much…be positive,I know things happen for a reason.and maybe God has better plans for you..


              There are a lot of programs that are also willing to help and there is counseling if you need to talk to somebody. Get all the resources you can and I hope everything works out for you.


                Hang in there Lillie!! You are awesome to consider your baby as innocent, that it’s not the baby’s fault how it was conceived. You’re only human. Adoption waiting lists are so long, in fact I can’t even qualify and i’m not that old. There are just so few children available. My new wisom is: Pregnancy is temporary, abortion is forever. Let us know how you are doing, sweetie!



                  It’s very hard to find out your pregnant like this~ I know. I chose an open adoption~ I’ve never regretted my choice. It’s been a blessing for everyone involved ~ especially my daughter. If you want to talk or need any advise I’m around. Please choose the life of your child~ even if you don’t chose to raise your child.


                    sister, i am praying outloud for you right now!! please take a break from everything and everyone and know that things always work out, you have a decision to make, void of the boyfriend issues. i have a daughter that is three, when she was 18 months old i had 2 min intercourse, with another “friend”, and got pregnenat from a dribble. (i hadn’t had sex since concieving my daughter), nice huh? two in a row. different guys, neither wanted the babies. with the first, i pushed ahead and had her, with the second i aborted. it’s been almost two years and i wish every single day i would have had the baby. the little things i was worried about, don’t compare to bringing life full circle. i lived through court with my first child’s father, and i’ve even almost forgotten it and all the harrassment, but the abortion, i can’t forget. everyday. please please look into adoption. the abortion still affects me, as a mom already, it chips away at my confidence, i look at my daughter and don’t feel very worthy of her either.


                      Just be honest and i’m sure everything will work out for the best 🙂

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