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      [i]I promised myself that I wouldn’t go through this again, well at least not on accident. That just goes to show that I can’t keep promises – even to myself. It seems that once again I’m facing another pregnancy scare, even though I just went through one a little more than a month ago.
      But this time it’s different, two of my friends are going through exactly the same thing as me, I’m actually pretty sure one of them is pregnant. Like 99.9% sure she is at least. And this time, instead of being sober (ish) and knowing what I was doing (kind of) I had been drinking a LOT of alcohol that night. So much in fact that I ended up having unprotected sex with two different people within hours of each other. I’m such a bad person ): Pretty much whatever I get this time is exactly what I deserve.
      This wasn’t supposed to be a depressing, FML kind of post, it was supposed to just update you all of what was happening. I guess I’m just in a bad mood, so I’m sorry.[/i]


        there’s nothing wrong with an FML post… sometimes a good vent is just what we need. Please please please get an hiv test… pregnancy could be the least of your worries.
        keep us posted


          Yeah I was planning on going for a test for like everything if I don’t get my period in January. I think it’s kinda overdue since I accidentally had unprotected sex with three people. God I sound like a whore, but all of them were accidents. I swear on my life. But yeah, I’ll keep everyone updated (:


            Lol, that doesn’t make you a whore :L. But yeah, you should definitely get checked for the various things. Tbh i had a slight feeling you might go through it again after you told me about that night :L. Well, all the best hun ♥


              Hey there, my name is Meg, I can relate to your situation, I used to party a lot and end up in similar situations where I just didn’t know what happened, or if I had even had sex….My encouragement to you is to remain abstinent at least until you know for sure…I found myself at 22 with 2 kids from 2 dads and I knew that I had to make a lifestyle change or have my kids suffer….I made the choice to remain abstinent until my wedding night and I did….I met and married a wonderful man, I have not been drunk in almost 7 years now and we have a monogamous relationship…I never thought I would be able to say that about my life, honey, please for your future family, be careful, take care of yourself and make more responsible decisions….I am here if you ever want to talk or relate…Love Meg, meg@standupgirl.com


                Haha true. And now like EVERYONE knows about that one night, and everything that happened. Like they know details that I can’t even remember :L That can’t be a good thing. I would say that I can be abstinent but I really don’t think I can, but more to the point I don’t think I really want to be to be honest. But I will make sure to make better decisions for myself in the future (:


                  Ahh hun it’ll be ok! You can do anything (: Everything will work out for the best (: iloveyou x


                    Aw thanks ! (: Everything will work out for you too hun x iloveyoumore !

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