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      Can I get pregnant from having sex the first time? My bf didnt use a condom but he didn’t come inside me. That was last Friday which was 6 days ago. Before that, he had tried going inside me once but because it hurt too much, he only got in partially, enough to break my hymen though. Didn’t come inside me. Can I get pregnant from that as well? My period should be due two days after the full penetration but I haven’t got it yet. And right now, I’ve been having pain around my lower abdomen. Feels like someone is twisting my insides. Although my period isn’t here yet, I had light bleeding two days after the full penetration.

      I’m only 18 and I have yet to start college. My boyfriend’s from another country, still studying as well. What should I do if I AM pregnant? He said he’d be responsible and I trust him But the problem is, I don’t know how to break the news to my parents. They’re going to be soo disappointed especially my dad since I have always been my Daddy’s girl.


        The answer is yes…you can get pregnant the first time you have sex…….my guess is that the bleeding and the pain is from loosing your virginity…just think about it this way….you are 18….for 18 years your body has been untouched/undisturbed down there…and you have now had sex 1 time….5-6 days ago…that is trauma to your female parts down there….at this point you are a few days late which isn’t that abnormal for just putting your body through a new experience and also if you are stressed about being pregnant that can make you late as well…but…there is a chance that you could be pregnant…..yes your parents will be dissapointed…you are their princess…you have made it 18 years through all of the peer pressure, you have kept your virginity for so much longer than most girls do these days, that is something that you can’t get back now….if you are pregnant then it will be time to face the music for your actions….having a baby is not the end of the world though…I don’t recommend purposefully conceiving before marriage but in your case…you slipped you stumbled and ended up having sex…there are a lot worse things you could end up with as a result of having sex like STD’s or AIDS…..and on that note I would like to encourage you to go back to abstinence before you get caught in the horrible cycle I was in….I lost my virginity at 13…and for 10 years following I was sexually active, I had my heart ripped out so many times, I felt used, rejected, unwanted, unworthy, and I felt like I could never end up with a good guy because I was just used up trash….on top of that I had had two kids from two dads…when I was pregnant with my second I made the choice to remain abstinent until my wedding night…3 1/2 years later was that night….I feel so loved and wanted by my husband unlike how I felt with the other guys I had been with….He loved me enough to wait until our wedding night to have me in that way…My encouragement for you is to make that choice….just because you have already given yourself to your boyfriend doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it…he doesn’t own your body…and even if you are pregnant you can make it through, I went through two pregnancies by myself and was a single mom for 4 1/2 years and I made it…if this guy loves you he will marry you and wait until that night to have you again…and also…I think your parents will understand…talk with them and tell them how you feel….take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor for a blood test so there is no questions about accuracy….please let us know how this turns out and just know that if you are pregnant that there is a lot of help out there…you don’t have to do it alone….babies are blessings….Love and Prayers..Meg

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