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      Ok right here go’s. I took a pregnancy test last Sunday(its now saturday) and it had a very very faint negative line on it. i mean it was so feint that you could hardly see it. i just looked at it again (gross that i still have it but i havnt been able to find anywhere to bin it) and now the negative line is very clear but theres also a very very feint line making it into a plus… is it possible that it could be the right outcome now instead of last sunday? coz over the past couple of weeks ive been feeling really really sick and tired, ive been going to the toilet loads more than normal, Ive been dizzy and feel really different, my stomach feels bloated and firmer than normal, ive been constantly hungry and ive been getting headaches and stomach cramps. im only 16 and my boyfriends crapping himself! he’s only 15.

      I need your help girlies!!

      Luv lidz xx :kiss:


        the farther along in pregnancy you are the more homones your body makes. Each pregnancy test detects a certain amount of hormones. If you took a pg test to soon you may not have had enough hormones to get a positive result. hope this helps.


          Yes, your symptoms tell me you’re pregnant. Take another test, get a pee test and pray you’re not. But, don’t get an abortion whatever you do. You’re too young to know what is right or wrong when it comes to that and it is definitely wrong. Hardening of your abdomen down there is your uterus growing so it’s cool. bye!


            I thought I was pregnant at 17 and it turns out I wasn’t, but I am now at 22. The best time to take a test when the hormones are weak are the first pee in the morning b/c the hormones will be concentrated more heavily (this is what I have heard). Take another test. If you’re having symptoms it probably won’t matter when you take the test (just make sure you’re in a "safe" place if you should feel the urge to cry). I took mine at night this time. I have always heard you can get a false negative, but not a false positive.

            It’s really stressful so prepare yourself for the worst (whichever outcome will be the worst for you). Make sure you find a woman to talk to; a woman you can trust (EVEN if it’s a hotline). There are a lot of options for you. Even at such a young age there are groups, medical aid, financial aid (especially if you finish high school and want to go to college as a young mother), parenting classes – there’s no end to the help that people are so willing to give. Don’t be afraid to ask.

            My best friend got pregnant @ 16 and kept the baby. She’s doing well and is a good mom, but 15 years ago there wasn’t a lot of aid for teen moms. She was forced into marriage with the father and they divorced. Don’t let yourself get forced into marriage with this guy if you really don’t want to be.

            Even if you don’t think you can take care of this baby there’s adoption. Just think it through carefully before you do it. The thought of giving your baby to another family may haunt you.

            Abortion – don’t make it an option. I just suggest this because it is guaranteed to haunt you for the rest of your life. You would be killing your very own child. The regret is just not worth it.

            If you want to talk…let me know. There is a lot of relief just from talking to another woman who is going through the pregnancy at the same time. Don’t give up. You’re a bright young woman and I am glad you could come online and talk about this; it shows a lot of courage.


              sometimes pms symptoms can mask pregnancy. and hpt results should never be read more than 30 min after taking the test. my advise …. take an early response test….and if your period doesn’t come within a week, take another test, if your period is more than 7 days late and you’re still getting negative results you should see your doctor to determine the cause of irregularity.
              hope this helps
              good luck :kiss:


                I agree with you about taking the UA or PT in the morning. That is the best time and when urin is most concentrated. That’s what I was told to do and then come back the next day. I went in on a Monday, brought my urine in on Tuesday, and Wednesday I found out I was pregnant. I prayed I wasn’t but knew I was. I didn’t need a UA to tell me I was.

                Good advice about talking to a woman even on a hotline. I had tons of info and support brochures. Believe me I needed all the help I could get and I went after it and it also miraculously came to me, too. God was helping me.

                I also thought about adoption. The father was very selfish and demanding and said he would not let that happen. Nonetheless I have sacrificed myself and became the parent. I did it relunctantly so it took me some time to love my daughter emotionally, not just physically. I had a close physical connection, but I put my emotions aside so I could figure out if adoption was for me.

                Abortion will haunt a woman and she will feel guilty someday if not that day that it is performed. Thank you for speaking so strongly and so well. You have given great advice for this young woman and I appreciate it very much. I am 22, also, but got pregnant at 20 and had my baby at 21. What are the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy? I was unmarried and now a single parent. I was on my way to a highly successful life and that is why I seriously thought about adoption. I couldn’t provide and I thougth her father wasn’t good enough to take care of her and his family was not the greatest of caliber. Anyway, thank you.


                  hi every one im new to this site.

                  well let me get to the point i had unproteced sex with my BF my first mistake and now i think im pregnant because when i get my period it heavy i get major cramps and i last for about 7 days well this time i got major cramps so expected it to be heavy but it wasnt it was lite i was just spotting and it only lasted for 4 days and this has never happen to me in my life. Other symptoms i noticed is that im very moody/irratable and people that know me say im sweet so thats unusually i pee often then normal the veins in my chest are noticable there often erect and sore. I become tired, and my appiete has increased but when the food is in front of me i dont wanna eat it and food i said that i would never eat i eat, and if i dont i start to feel dizzy or faint in kinda constipated, i have notice a pudge in my stomache and i get backache and im scared to tell my mother because she can become physical at time if iam do you guys no of any way i can tell my mother 🙁


                    HI ti-nana…First of all, go to you family doctor to confirm if you are pregnant or not, and also ask him or her for ideas on how to tell your mother..and secondly…i am concerned that your mother still becomes physical with you…since she has no right to put her hands on you in any way other than loving and motherly…and i want you to know that you are not alone..and to please tell sumone you can trust, like a guidance cousellor, or a teacher…or an aunt, or anyone else in your life that is an adult and can help you. You may choose to bring that adult with you when you tell your mom so that she cannot do anything drastic if you feel whe will react with violence….I really feel for ya gurl….i hope this helps you…please, please get your doctor, or go to a free health clinic near you ASAP!!!! they can give you a free pregnancy test, and moral support and understanding. All the best to you hun…let us know how things turn out for you…~lyddiesky


                      I think that you should take a home pregnancy test to find out if you are pregnant and then think about your options, you will have to tell your mum at some point she might surprise you and be really understanding but if you really feel that you cant talk to her do you have a relative or a friend you can tell first and then take them along when you tell your mum. there are loads of people who can help you i hope this helps good luck and keep smiling! 🙂


                        hi my name’s ciara and i was worried about telling my mother too. don’t worry so much first things first you need to do a test and be certain you are pregnant. second if you are dont stress too much as its bad for the baby. and third the big one telling your mother, you could do what i did and tell her over the phone and stay with a trusted friend for a while or better an understanding but older family member. you’ll probably find if givin a few days to come to terms with the idea alone she wont react so violently when she sees you. just remember its not the end of your life but the begining of your babys. xxxxxxx ciara


                          First of all, have you taken a home pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant? Second, if your mom can become physical sometimes, maybe you should visit your local crisis pregnancy center to get some help with this. That is what they are there for. They have resources to help you if you need them. But find out if you are pregnant first – don’t start something if you don’t have to. Good Luck.


                            I am 21 years old and 5 months pregnant, I would say to take another pregnancy test. You probablly would not be feeling all those symptons if you were pregnant. You usually don’t feel any of that until you are further along than a few months. More frequent urination doesn’t usually happen until the fetus has become big enough to push on your blatter. I would take another pregnancy test, and if you still don’t know how it reads talk to a friend about getting a ride to a free health clinic, they will be able to tell you for sure.


                              well the only thing i can say is when i first told my parents i was very scared but you just gotta do it the way you feel better…. you can write a note, do it over the phone, tell someone else you love and have them do it or the way they might want you to do it just plain tell them face to face.. i hope i helped.


                                its ok we can get through this together you just need to be calm about it but the 1st thing you should do is by a pregnecy test and see what that tells you so after that if it tells you are you need to tell your mom and if she gets phical you need to go to the hospital and talk to your doctor about it and i now you will be nerves but you need to do it for your health and if you are prengent for the health of your baby becuz stress is not good for any pregent women if this helps you can write back


                                  hey my last period was mar. 27 but when i took a prgnancy test it came bac negative. but im definitely experincing extreme nausea, cramping, backaches, and a littl constipated could i still be pregnant??


                                    I am amazed at how many questions on the forum are related to not knowing if you are pregnant or not. Girls – call your doctors or call a clinic!!! Get the results so you can start making the tough decisions about what you are going to do. The questions here should be "I’m pregnant – what should I do?" I know it is scary and hoping you aren’t pregnant is a very natural reaction but make some phone calls and get medical advice at least over the phone instead of via an online forum.

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