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      Im 18 with a 2 year old son and am on the way with the second in d.s.s. I have a appointment on the 3rd for an abortion and am sczrde now. the father of my son dose not help me and this is the same father so thanks for the help and the comments in here it helps me thionk about more things but I need to think thank you!!!!!!


        Just think about all the joy your two year old little boy is now, even if the daddy isn’t there for the second on doesn’t mean other people won’t help you, i am in the same situation but my mom told me that abortion isnt that answer that if i was old enough to have sex i am old enough to deal with the responsiblities that come with it, don’t let your baby go even if you don’t have help from the daddy, someone will be there to help you 🙂 just think about all of the good times you have with your little boy now and you’ll have good times with your new baby…and even if you don’t want to keep this baby always consider adaption cause like i have heard abortions jsut make your regret…….


          I know that you are scared to death right now, but making a decision you will probably regret the rest of your life is not a solution. Please reconsider for your sake and your little boy’s. You can make it without the help of the baby’s daddy -there are countless programs out there that are availble to help you-take advantage of them! If you want to talk-please email me-erinmh3@yahoo.com. I promise not to judge, just to help you sort things out. By the time I was 20-I had a newborn and a 5 year old-it is possible-I promise!
          Hang in there…


            You will find 15-20 years down the road of raising the child ( or children by YOURSELF and trust me you will!) you do and will need the father. Also all the friends and family that "will be their for you" will soon fade. I’ve done it for over 15 yrs now and have a hell of a time doing it. Don’t let anyony tell you that "what is one more". You MUST have, or get an education! Than Maybe you and yours might have a chance. You will have NOTHING to offer this child (children) when it comes time for their future. example: life ins, car ins, medical ins. any kind of bank accounts, trust funds etc. Paying for school sports, you have no idea how much these programs do not pay! You will only have ONE chance, that is school for you. If you choose not to attend at least a tech. school than you are screwed. You must get a trade.


              I am really reccomending not to have an abortion. almost everyone who does this regrets it for the rest of their life. imagine what her eyes would be like, how she would laugh. imagine if YOUR mother had gotten an abortion. You will be taking so much potential out of the world if you do this. i know its scary but you can do it! it will give you a better life. besides did you know fetuses begin feeling pain at 13 weeks? abortion is like torture for them. and abortions increase you chances of getting breast cancer. if you don’t think you can offer the child the life it deserves, there is always adoption. it is better to let her live in a foriegn land than not to let her live a all. but you have to do what’s right for you. everybody does.

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