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      I do not know what to do…I am 24 years old and I have a 6 1/2 year
      old son who is my life. There has been so much go on with his father and
      I that I cant even start form the begining. But we were living together
      for just over a year and he just moved out last weekend. He is confused in
      life and needs to figure things out. Which pretty much means he wants
      to be free. I do not hold on to too much hope for him and I working it
      out again. He is a great father and loves our son very much. But I found
      out a few days a go that I am pregnant again. I have been on the pill
      and was completly shocked. I have now read about how many people
      actually do get pregnant on the pill. Anyways, I told him yesterday and he
      completly freeked out. He said there was no option. He does not want
      any-more kids and he is just not going to do this. He knows how I feel about
      abortion and so all I said was I just cant do that. And he just got
      more mad and left. Latter my son called him and he got mad at me
      for letting him. He told me that if I am not going to do what he wants
      me to do then my son nore I are allowed to call him ever again. he
      said he was done, and that I could send him a child support bill in the
      mail, but to never call again. The thought of him actually going threw
      with this threat makes me unbaleivable sad. Not so much for me but for my
      6 year old, who’s whole life will be destroied. He loves his dad so
      much. I would have never before that moment ever considered haveing an
      abortion, but I just cant bear with doing that to my son. I am so
      confused. I will hate myself forever either way I feel. I just want to know
      what people think about my situation. hereing what people have to say may
      help me in a desition.



        I am so sorry to here that you are going through this. I think you should do what is right for you. I had two abortions and wish I never had them but oN the other hand I’m not going to tell you if you should have one or not. I will tell you that You shouldn’t base your decision on your child’s father’s threats. Don’t feel like you have to give in. I became pregnant the first time when I was 16.And I had my abortion based on my ex’s threats to kill me and my unborn child. I was in an abusive relationship so I felt like I had no choice. Don’t feel that you might be the reason for your son not having his father in his lifecause your not. Just think it through. Good Luck:)


          An abortion is definitely not the way to go. Hold your ground. If he loved you, he would support your decision. Your son will love you no matter what your decision is, but remember that an abortion will stick to you forever, and is always very depressing. Would you rather have your son ask you "why doesn’t daddy love me?" or "why did you kill my brother/sister?" You can find a new father for them that will stay with you and make you all very happy. Be careful about your decisions and don’t forget to consider what you feel, too. My dad left me, and I’ve gotten over it. It was harder when I was younger but once I got older it was easier for me to understand. Your son will understand sooner or later. If you’d like to talk more, just email me. Good luck with whatever you decide. Keep me updated!


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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