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      Ok…Well I’m new to all this, but I really think I may be pregnant. For about 11 or 12 days I’ve had tender breasts, on and off abdominal cramps that feel similar to menstral cramps but not exactly the same, I’ve been utterly exhausted and no ammount of sleeping or naps helps, I’ve also been restless at night tossing and turning, and for the first time since I was very little I’m waking up in the middle of the night to run to the bathroom. I was convinced at first that all of this was simply pms, but I only have some of these symptoms 5-7 days before my period arrives. Occasionally it skips a month (sometimes 2, but rarely) so I thought it was picking right back up where it should be, but it never came. I also noticed, even before I read it was a symptom that my nipples seemed slightly darker. I’ve also been getting full a lot faster, although I really haven’t been naseous or vomiting, I have felt a little queasy in the past few days almost like my stomach was in knots. Another key thing I notced was a very watery, milky vaginal discharge. I thought maybe it could be something else, but when I researched all of my symptoms, only pregancy came up as an answer. If I am pregnant I can only be 2-2 and 1/2 weeks along at the most. I took a pregancy test last night, but it came up negative so I think it could be too early. The only window for conception was between the 17-24 of August, when my husband came home from bootcamp. Please if you could help me, I’m really worried.


        go see ur doc, cuz stuff online is limited to the number of answers it can give u…and pregnancy symptoms can start from conception, and usually HPT dont show a + until after ur missed period cuz of the pregnancy hormone levels aren’t high enough till then…besides the doc tests are usually better at detecting early pregnancy levels, they can also take blood tests…so good luck…

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