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      [b] 🙁 im 15 going on 16 and i am scared that i am pregnant. about a month ago i realized that i had missed my peroiod by 2 weeks and now its a month later and i still dont have it… i cant take a test bcuz now everywhere i go my mom follows me and i cant tell her bcuz she told me if i ever get pregnant at a young age she will kick me out and my boyfriend says he will be here for me but his mom would kick him out to.. can some1 help me.. im gaining wieght and im always hungry.. i get sick almost every morning and my stomach gets pains some times.. can some1 out there please give me an answer im really scared..


        Hey if your still in school and if you have a best friend that you trust.. or you might have already told or prhaps your boyfriend.. could go buy a pregnancy test for you… And you could take the test at school. That way your parents wont hav to know.. and you can be sure if you are or not..


          I was in your shoes 24 weeks ago and you might as well just tell your mom because she is going to find out anyway and it will be better coming from you. If shes anything like my mom she probably already suspects something is wrong. It might not turn out as bad as you think. I was scared to tell my mom but my boyfriend thank god had more sense then me and made me tell my parents. Of course they were disappointed but they have come around and are helping us as much as possible. I am gettng married next month and plan to continue school. Trust me when I say you arent the first girl this has happend to and you wont be the last. You and your boyfriend need to tell both your parents, its not something that is going to go away. Goodluck!


            I think that you are definatly pregnant. The first time I was I avoided taking the test for twelve weeks. Take a test to be absolutely positive, you could try asking a school nurse, they can’t tell your parents if your pregnant or not, they can’t even tell them that you took a test. And, you should tell your parents, I didn’t at first, and his mom was mad at us for about a month, and my mom cried, it felt awful, they both wanted us to tell them when we first found out. Good luck, and I hope this helped.

            Michelle J.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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