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      I am 19 and im pregnant… i was pregnant not to long ago and i misscarried .. i didnt want to have to make a decision to terminate and i was happy about that.. by accident i got pregnant again… i really want this baby .. but my boyfriend doesnt want anything to do with it .. I love him alot and am willing to teminate this for him… he wont listen when i tell him i want this baby and he refuses to see my side so to make everyone happy i will do this even if its not what i want to do … i have my family , they know they are willing to help raise this baby and support me , do whatever it takes,but i just dont want t think about it cause then i get really confused and upset because i know deep down i really want this and if i keep it, he will throw me out he wont want anything to do with me or the baby and i just dont know what to do .. i have an apointment in 2 weeks for an abortion… i just dont know what to do … please any one dealing with a boyfriend not wanting thier baby or going against the baby s father and having it any way please give me som e advice.. i just am so torn i dont know what to do… i dont want to make a bad decision and i dont want to regret this the rest of my life 🙁


        Don’t get an abortion because you want to make other people happy. You have to listen to you. You will be the one who has to deal with the consequences for the rest of your life.

        Did you know that about 80% of couples break up after an abortion? 80%! So even if you do abort your baby to make your bf happy, there is still a high likelihood that he will leave you anyway. The odds are not in your favor.

        I think you know in you heart that you do not want to get rid of your baby. You know what is right! I believe in you. I know that you will be a great mother. So many other women have been right where you are now. They have decided to parent their child and it was the best decision they have ever made. Don’t believe the lies that tell you can cannot parent your child. It is not true. You are a Stand Up Girl and I know that you can.!

        If you give your baby the chance to live you will never regret it.


          seriously if you terminate this baby you are only going to end up blaming him for which will probly result in your relationship ending anyway. if you have an abortion you are going to feel the pain of loss and he most likely wont. U will think hes going to be there to support you emotionally but by the sounds of it he probly wont. In the end you will just get angry with him and blame him forever for the loss of your child.


            Ok listen i know tht u love your boyfriend but are u really ready to give up a life just to please a MAN… Girl please couldn’t no man make me give up a baby just to keep him. Listen the more you keep aborting babies the slimmer your chance will be to have one in the future . Trust me i know someone that has had more than one abortion and they are unable to have babies ever in their life. Honey, a man come a dime a dozen but a real good man that is willing to take care of u and your baby doesnt come very often. And if he really loved you then he would respect your decision to lkeep this baby. all I am sayng is dont mess up your body or regret this 5-10 years down the liner


              Please read the posts here on Stand up girl. In each case you will read a commen theme. When they had an abortion they have always regreated having it. Once the abortion is preformed it can’t be undone. Choses life for your baby because that is what you want. Don’t choose an abortion because of someone else. Please choose life for your gift from God. You will be remembered in my prayers. Think about it and talk to these girls at stand up girl. Thanks Roddi:


                I completely understand what you’re going through. I’m 20 and found out about a week ago that I’m pregnant. I still don’t know if I’m going to keep it or have an abortion. My boyfriend think that I should have an abortion, but he says he will support me in whatever I decide. Things were rock in our relationship before this and he keeps reminding me that we may not stay together. I don’t know if I could handle being a single mom. I’m right in the middle of college and I want to finish, and I don’t know if that would be possible with a baby. One of my biggest fears is that if I have an abortion I’ll hate him for it. Most of the abortion clinics here require a preabortion appointment so I’m considering going in for that part and seeing how I feel afterwards. I just don’t know if after seeing my baby on an ultrasound I could have an abortion. I know that I’m not really much help in your situation, but I do understand how confused and unsure you are because that’s exactly how I feel.

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