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      okay so…here is the jist of it. Me and my hubby are on first time try for a baby…My period was 9 Sept. We tried before i got on that period but i was not knowledgable about the whole timeline. So i did my research while i was on my period. As soo as I got off, I found my days that I was fetile and the day that i ovulated. We did it like everyday to every other day. I am about 8 days past ovulation and my period is supposed to start in about a little over a week. I know how i get when I am on my period..but never a week before. I have been extremely tired. Like I get resonable amount of sleep but yet the next day my body feels like i am working off of 3 hours. My appitite has grown alittle. I am eating almost if not more than my husband and it is not like me. Usu 3 bites and im full. Yesterday for bfast i was craving some banana pancakes and ate a huge omlette w/ veggies too. My mood swings are getting out of control. One minute im happy and 5 seconds later im yelling and screaming…then crying and then im fine again..its really irritating. I do not have mood swings unless i am actualy on my period. Plus ive been having alot of gas….more than i normally have. been peeing alittle more often then normal as well. no bleeding yet. I have been having some semi-mild cramps on my left side and then around my whole abdomin area. But again..i usually dont get those until a few days before i get on my period. i feel like i have gained a little weight too….i know that it may not be possible and my mind may be playing tricks on me but i went from an xtra small to a small and now the smalls are getting alittle tight around the waist….And i know it is always better to wait until i see if i miss my period. but i guess i am just alittle anxious to know if i am or not. I am not trying to stress over it because i know it does not help…..

      Please help…anyone who has been pregnant and can tell me if i am imaginaing things because i am really anxious or i am experiencing 2 week early pms….which usu doesnt happen to me unless i am a few days before or i am acyually on it…..


        You could definitely be pregnant, but unfortunately the only way to tell is to wait until your period is late and then take a test.

        Welcome to the site! 🙂


          hey hun it cud b ANYTHING at this stage… its soo cute to see u anxious… give it time let ur period due d8 past…. lemme kno wat happens


            Well welcome to the site and think positive. If it doesn’t happen this time it will happen another time. Best of luck. Jessica


              heeei girl:side:
              well, i kind of found myself in your words haha=) well ok not everythin is the same..but moste of it..and i am also due on my period on the 8th, so yees one day less than a week 😛
              and i have very simmular simptoms like you have…
              so right now, im just waitin on the 8th, and then ill know, cause my period is like never late or anythin, so.. hope this 6 days will go around soon..
              would like to chat with you sometimes


                Definately sounds like a possibility. Just try and be patient, keep yourself busy(but healthy and rested!) and maybe consider getting on some pre-natal vitamins for now? Even if you aren’t pregnant, they ALWAYS do good when trying to concieve.

                Wish you the best of luck! 🙂

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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