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      ok..so on november 6th i had laparascopic surgery to get treatment for endometriosis..n after tht i bled which i took to b my period because i was already takin the sugar pills for 2 or 3 days of my birth control..but now it will have been 5 weeks on friday tht i have not had my period..n i am starting to worry tht i may b prego..me n my bf dnt have protected sex, but he pulls out? i usually am on birth control but due to the fact tht i had surgery i had forgotten to take my pills..and now im late..im scared..what should i do? =/


        Pulling out don’t work, the best thing you can do is take a pregnancy test. Good luck. I hope all goes well.


          ok, don’t stress. take some deep breaths, in with the butterflys out with the dragons.
          if u think u might be pregnant, take a test..
          but also it could be nothing, if u stress about it and worrie, it could hold off your period… 5 weeks u say? and ur also on the pill?
          we’re also teens and our periods are always messed up, some ppl go MONTHS without getting a period, and there not pregnant.
          wait a little while, (but don’t wait to long, cause if u are, you don’t want to hurt ur baby do you)
          if u don’t get ur period, u should take a test, if it says ur not, then ur probly not, but if u have mixd moods about it, then u should go see ur doctor about it, blood test will set u straight.
          but like i said, do NOT stress about it. it will hold off ur period and it will hurt the baby if u r.
          clear ur thoughts, green tea, sentd candles, bubble baths, all help. if u need anymore help, just msg me.


            thanx! and ik tht stress can dellay a period..but since ive been on the pill ive never missed a period..n honestly the thing is, im reli not tht stressed out about it? its weird i actually kinda hope i am uk? n well..ive been pregnant before..when i was 14..but i was pressured into having an abortion 🙁 i miss my baby :'( so i sorta kno what it feels like to b prego..n thts kinda how i feel now..but im not reli sure cuz its been a few years since then uk? so idk..im jst kinda confused..


              i agree with stockton09 it does, calm down, relax, anything to calm your nerves is good take nap sit down and think dont worry dont stress

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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