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      This is going to be long, I’m sorry, but I can’t get a straight answer out of anyone!

      One morning in June I woke up next to my boyfriend, and my breasts were hurting. The next week, I started and ended my period the same day. I started again the next day, but very lightly, and quit again that night, and didn’t come back until July, when my breasts were still sore and I had one negative pregnancy test. When it started in July, it was almost the same thing, except it wasn’t mentrual fluid! It was just blood, nothing else. It only lasted about two days, and the cramps were pretty bad. About this same time, my appetite had been rapidly increasing, which is strange because, ever since I was about 10, I could go on one meal a day and not even feel it, and now I can’t STOP! And all I want are oysters! Anyway, my July period stopped two days later, and my breasts continued to hurt and swell and get harder and harder on the outside, especially the right one, on the outside. Eventually, I noticed myself bloating. I still haven’t gained a lot of weight, but I’ve gained about almost 10 pounds since this has started (something else not normal for me, either). Then about a week ago I started getting dizzy about once a day, and then the last two days I’ve felt feverish (to myself. No one else has noticed) and sick to my stomach off and on. Since my last period (which was the most off and on of all, and the most miserable as well) stopped, I went a couple days feeling fine. Now I’m having minor cramps that ALMOST feel menstrual and cramps in my side. My digestive system has been totally out of whack, as well.
      Here’s the kicker. I read that certain birth controls and cancer can cause a negative pregnancy test, which I have four of. I’m on NuvaRing, which is relatively new, and I was diagnosed with HPV two years ago, which caused precancerous cells. I tried to get a blood test, but the lab was run by this highly-religious woman who wouldn’t let me get a blood test w/o parental consent because I’m 17 (which is why I got my fourth negative pee test). The day I tried to get it was the last day my dad was going to have insurance for a month, until things with his new job get worked out. By then, it might be too late. I’m afraid to do things that might indicate my fears (quitting drinking, smoking, etc) because this is a town where rumors circulate more than the air, and my boyfriend is already LITERALLY sick because of all the stress in his life. I don’t feel the need to make it worse if I don’t have to and end up not being pregnant.
      Anyway, if you think I’m pregnant, tell me so and tell me why. If you DON’T think I’m pregnant, tell me so and tell me why, and also tell me what you believe may be causing this. I’ve already ruled out my birth control. I’ve been on it 8 months now, this would have started happening earlier, and only tender breasts and irregular periods are listed as side effects, not hard and swollen breasts, etc. So…please?
      Mandini the Great


        I am not exactly sure what is going on with you, but I suggest you get yourself to a doctor or some kind of clinic that can help you. Explain the situation and what has been happening to you and see if you can’t find someone willing to listen. Good luck to you :ohmy:


          well if you even think for a second let alone how long youre contemplating that you have been pregnant then you should quit doing anything to endanger the baby! that includes drinking, smoking, and taking birth control. all of those can be dangerous because if you are then they obvoiusly havent caused a miscarriage but may lead to serious birth defects. the bc can mess with the urine tests so you need to have a blood one because even if you stop the bc and take a test it would take a good minute to even everything out to read a positive. BUT it doesnt matter how long youve been on your birth control for when weird things start to happen. i was on mine for 10 months when it went CRAZY so i got off of it and…. well im here right? good luck babe! and find out… you have to think of your (possible) baby.

          Kailey 17
          30 weeks

          Miss Boop

            I am no kind of expert, but what is going on with you is something strange or serious. I’m not trying to scare you but if you are pregnant then you are hurting your baby by staying on the birth control and increasing your chances of misscarriage. Yea it sucks to live in small towns with big mouths but you’re gonna have to swallow your pride and do what’s best for you because if you’re not pregnant than you can be real sick and waiting around to see what happens next is not the safest thing to do. You could be pregnant because it is now October and you’re gaining weight. But you could also have had an etopic pregnancy. But you could be the healthiest person in the world and have the sickest baby ever if you don’t get help from the get go, because a simple infection can cause disabilities or even worse. It doesn’t sound like you’re pregnant but my bestest is 3 months and she was on birth control and had her period the first two months, she’s at a higher risk for a misscarriage because of the birth control but she has stopped and been to the doctor. She didn’t go because she had the normal pregnancy signs, it was kinda like yours but she knew that their was still a slight chance so she went. I hope and pray that all is well with you and yours. God Bless you…go to a doc. A.S.A.P.


              Yeah like all the others i wud suggest that u shud go for a check up immediately. Delaying can make things worse.


                Ok, heres what i think. I think that you could or could not be. Lol im sure your sick of hearing that answer, BUT, when i had a scare last year, i took pee tests and they came out negative, so i went to the gynecologist and he gave me bloodwork b/c sometimes the hormone levels are high enough for you to be pregnant, but lower than what a test can read,.. if that makes any sense? Ok, well, it turns out i wasn’t pregnant. This time, i was at the hospital ready to get my surgery from a bad car accident i was in and the doctor told me to pee in a cup. Then he comes out and tells everyone else to leave the room. I thought he was gonna tell me i have THC in my system or some pill or something. He told me i was prego. So, i didnt get my surgery and i still cant lift my left arm lol well anyway, the point is.. well there is no point… if you have any questions or anything let me know b/c i kinda been where you are when i had my scare before id actually gotten prego

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                  Hi!!! I;m a nursing student and there is no real way to no for sure unless u get a blood test, its the only exact way to no for sure… I got pregnant when i was 17 and i had just about every single problem u have. I got dizzy almost every day, i even fainted a couple of times. i wasnt on birth control at the time but that may be effecting ur test results. I was bloated and i’ve always been skinny, during my pregnancy i gained a lot of weight….i didnt end up showing until i was seven months pregnant, so get on it and get tested. Good luck

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