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      hi my names patricia. im 15 years old and just about 3 months pregnant. i went for my first pre natal doctors appointment and i heard my babys heart beat for the first time. it was very exciting and i have never been happier. except for the fact that every little cramp i get i am constantly worried that im going to have a miscarrage. after three months do u think im secure from miscarrage or could it still happen. i dont smoke drink or anything. i always eat healthy and take it easy. i know my baby will probably be fine and ill give birth to a healthy baby but im just paranoid. any advice.


        I had my daughter at 15, so i can relate. I was just as paranoid as you, i would get cramps all the time! As long as you’ve had no spotting, youre probably fine. The menstrual-like cramps are just due to your uterus stretching out for the little wonder growing inside you.


          thanks for replying. ive been having really weird pains in my stomach like pressure against my stomach and it goes all hard and feels very tender.im only almost 3 months. i have no clue what it could be

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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