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      I just found out that I’m pregnant. I’m about a month a long and don’t think that I want to have a baby. My boyfriend is great, he’s not pressuring me to do anything and he said he was here for me whatever my decision is. I really believe him, we’ve been toghether for a year next month, and I know he means it. I’ve never been in this situation before and I’m not sure what to do. I’ve been researching abortions and the after effects of having an abortion and am a little worried about how I’ll feel if I do go through with it. If there is anyone out there with some words of wisdom or that has been through this before please help.



        Don’t abort been there. If you truly don’t want the child give it up for adoption to some loving couple who desperatly want a child but can’t have one, if your boyfriend is willing to stand by you take him up on it, the child inside you growing didn’t ask for this so don’t punish it. I wish someone had given me dome advice when I was in your shoes, I was pushed into what happened to me and would have handled it differently now. I have a beautiflu boy and twins on the way, and couldn’t imagine life without them, abortion has many risk like not being able to have children in the future do you want that? If there is any doub’t in your mind don’t do it!!!!!!!!! Give someone else the chance to have beautiful children!


          Hi ,
          I have always been against abortion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My boyfriends sister has had one, and now I am the one pregnant. His mom is soo excited about this baby coming. He was afraid to tell her at first because she had told him that she would dis-own him if it ever happened. But her feelings about it are not that way. I think it kind of hurts his sister in a way that his mom is reacting like this and we are the ones with the baby. She is not proud about her situation, but still. What if some day u decide to have children, and then have to remember that you had one destroyed before. Wouldn’t you feel a little guilty about that? And it is something that you will never be able to forget. I understand totally that at first it is something everyone will have to adjust to, but everyone does come around. My dad did not talk to me for a month, my mom was upset. and told me not to tell my grandparents cause it would ruin the holliday season, I was always known as the good little girl. So I know where I am coming from with this! Lol. But it is not worth giving upa life that had no choice in the matter. When you had sex, u knew what could happen, so it’s not fair to take it away because you’re afraid, ya know? If u r not ready for a baby, give it up for adoption. You can choose to stay connected or have no contact, and there are plenty of people out there that cannot have children that may just be waiting for your little one. So give it some thought! I hope I helped you somewhat.



            I can’t speak for you, but I am pregnant and I could never forgive myself if I chose abortion. I know so many people out there that are longing for children and can’t have them. You would be blessing some wonderful family if you chose that route. The thing about adoption is that the adoptive parents want to have a child and are willing to do anything to have one. I think that it is the most unshelfish thing that a woman can do… To go through 9 months of pregnancy knowing that this is a gift for another family. Abortion is the quick way "out", but would it ever leave your mind? Just something to think about.


              Paige, you’re going to make your own decision, but you are looking for an opinion of someone who has all ready experienced this. Not one person you meet will say they regret having their baby. Have you met someone who said that about having an abortion. I had my abortion in december, and i think about what could’ve been every day. I imagine myself being a mother, and then wonder why I put myself through so much pain, it hurt to get the abortion physically because i was wide awake, and it hurt me emotionally, because that was my baby. No one is ever ready for the physical and emotional pain they will go through with an abortion, and if your boyfriend and his mom are trying to pressure you to have an abortion, are they going to be there to support you and talk about what you are going through. Just remember that you babies heart is starting to beat, and just b/c you can’t hear it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Honey I hope I have helped you out. I wish I had someone there to tell me what to expect from an abortion.I also typed a bit more for april, take a look and get some insight on what i felt, i’m pretty sure other girls have felt the same. 🙁 thanks for listening. Ana



                I think deep down you really do know what you would rather do. By the way you were writing you don’t really want to have an abortion, I feel that you are just in shock and afraid. You do have several weeks before you have to have one, so I suggest that you talk it over with some experts, phychorotists (mind the spelling) people that don’t know you, in doing this you are getting non-bias opinions, suggestions and help. There are many complexities involved in what ever decision you choose, as I know because I have made some. But it is up to you to what you decide, which is why I don’t want to tell you "yes" or "no" because I don’t know other circumstances in your life.
                I wish you all the best in this hard decision, all I can say is, would you ever take back the feeling of a first?

                Melanie :ermm:


                  Hi there,

                  I agree with the girl who replied and said not one person you meet is going to say they regret having their baby. I’ve been through teen pregnancy personally, and miscarried. Even though I was only 15, I would give anything to hold that little baby in my arms.

                  I am against abortion, as well, and don’t believe in any part of it. I know that right now, after just finding out, you’re still in a pretty big state of shock, so before you actually commit to any big decision(s), including deciding to keep the baby, you just need time. Time to think of your options, imagine where you’ll be in your life 9 months from now and if you’ll be emotionally and financially able to care for the baby the way you would want to, or if he/she really would be better off with another couple…there is so much to figure out and you can’t do it all at once. So take some time, and maybe even talk with some supportive friends of yours or a family member, even your boyfriend if he’s understanding and supportive of whatever your choice may be. I hope things work out for you, sweetie. Keep me updated. 🙂

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