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      i am 20 years of age and i think am pregnant. my last period came on march the 3rd and its now april 6th and it hasn’t come on as yet. i took a pregnancy test yesterday but it was negative i dont know if it was to early to take it but i did any way. i am having slight pains in my lower stomach and every so often it feels like someone is throwing a party in my lower stomach. my breasts hurts alot and when im working i sometimes get dizzy and need to take a break. this is my first time on this site and i desided to register after reading som of the other forums. i think u guys give good advice and i am interested it what ever advice u can offer me thanks.


        Hi! Well if I were you you I would wait a little longer and take another HPT. If it is still negative but your period is still a no show, schedule and appointment to have a blood test, they are more accurate.


          well the best time to take an pregnancy test is when you are five days late. i would suggest waiting and taking another one. if the result is negative and you still have no period see a doctor. some women have said the hpt test came back negative when they were pregnant. you have some signs of being pregnant but it could also be stress related………take a breater and relax….its hard but wait it out and see…….best wishes

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            Hi sweetheart, I’m going to give you as much help as I can. It has been about a month since your last period. It is actually quite possible that you are about to get your period. A negative pregnancy test is normal at this point. If you do NOT receive your period in 2-3 more weeks, attempt another pregnancy test. I have never tested false and I will tell you, the digital tests are the most accurate on the shelves right now. 2 weeks after my missed period, I took a digital test and tested positive. I am guessing to be about 7 weeks along right now.
            Sounds like you have nothing to worry about, yet. Just wait it out for a couple weeks past your expected period date and test again.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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