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      Okay, so my dad is moving to Alberta, Medicine Hat to be with the love of his life. I can not move there, he has offered but I am already a 6 hour trip away from my mom. That would be over 20 hours, and the bus fare would be over 200 dollars each way. Apparently you make good cash there though because of the oil rigs. Anyways, I could maybe move in with my boyfriend or even stay at the house I am at now and take it into my own place to rent with my boyfriend. I love him a lot but my other option is go home with my family finally. Its been almost a year and a half with my boyfriend and away from my family..
      I know I should listen to my heart but my heart is in two places right now. I don’t know what I can choose. I’m going to talk to my boyfriend today over lunch [ saturday ]. I know it will just break his heart if I leave, but I am already mad at him for lying to me about doing drugs and his friend brought it up thinking I knew. I’m not talking pot either COKE. He already smokes pot and they’ve tried it before I was there and didn’t want him to do it again, his family told me while I was visiting my family he was —-ed on something and didn’t come home. I asked him and he made me believe it was a different time when I was in town and he was innocent. But then when it was let out of the bag he made it seem like I had caught him before and knew and had nothing to be mad about. PFFT. Its funny cause he says he has to lie about things because I get mad, but if I am going to get mad and he knows that then he shouldn’t be doing it in the first place !
      Anyways, I know its not the normal post but I’d really like some input I know you can’t tell me what to do but maybe what you would do ?



        scarite =]

        I would suggest having an important talk with your bf and tell him that if he doesnt grow up that you two are not ment to be. you really dont deserve to be placed in an environment like that. Idk if you are pregnant or not but my advice to you would be to listen to your heart and go back to your family. if your boyfriend is truly committed to you he will understand. lots of love and best of luck.

        xox Enya


          Hi there Hun =)
          he shouldn’t be lying to about anything, but especially about something so serious. He doesn’t “HAVE” to lie about anything, he chooses to do so and blaming you for his dishonesty is not on either.
          I agree with Enya on this one, I really think you should move back home for a bit, untill yr bf decides to clean up his act and do some growing up too. Yr current situation sounds very unhealthy.

          Much love and support,
          Evangeline xoxox


            Thank you, I think I am going to go home for awhile.. It should be good for me. That is if my dad really leaves. I can always come back if it is too hard for me to be away. As much as I am sad to go, I am a little excited to go home.

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