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      there is so much going on in my life right now. well my ex-boyfriend and i broke up almost a month ago but i still love him and wanna be with him. i cant help it becuz i had a major crush on him and now i feel likei done something wrong. when we went togther alot of people didnt want us together and some people went and told him that ive been trying to play him and everything and i know i havent and i tried to get him to trust me. then when we talked he was like he need some time to think things over, so we broke up and what gets me is that everyone thinks im stupid cuz i still have feelings for him even though he hurt me. when we are together just us we act like we still in a relationship but when were around others we dont. he tells me he loves me adn stuff and weve been talking about us having sex cuz i feel that if i do it then ill show him that i want us to get back togther. is this wrong and what should i do???


        Hun, plz don’t get into sex because you want him back. If it’s meantto be he should want you without sex. You might regret your decision when you get older and you are wiser than today. I went out with a guy for 2 years, he gave me all that I wanted and I still didn’t budge into sex. What if you got pregnant today, do you think the man that wasn’t there for you, but was there for sex, will be there for your child? Don’t be childish, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, and crushes come and go, Don’t let a man occupy so much of your time and mind, they are just not worth it. Chances are, that guy, is not "the guy" and you know it deep down inside so why are you trying to please him so much? And you said that he has heard from places that you are playing him, having sex would only make him think you are easy and desperate. Don’t do it, but that’s just ,y opinion. Good luck:)

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        gina lynn

          its only natural for you to feel upset and not be over him yet. those wounds take tim to heal. i dont think you should have sex with him to show him that you want him back, because if you do that and he still doesnt want you back then you will only feel worse. and even if he does want you back afer that, the relationship would just be based on sex, which is not a real relationship, more like just a booty call. do you really want to be with him if he oly takes you back for sex? you are worth much more than that. you shouldnt have to prove your feelings to him through sex.


            Hey girl

            That is a bad idea, if he actually loved you then he woulod not want you to "prove" your love with sex. If your not ready then you should be with someone who will wait for you and not pressure you into it. If you "prove"your love with sex then you will only end up feeling takin advatage of. You will be thinking why did i waste my first time on that guy. Well let me know what you decided.
            Keep posted



              Dont make the same mistake I did. I gave my boyfriend at the time my virginity at 15 and I wish I would have waited until I was ready and not when he was ready for me to have sex with him. He may say he loves you but if he really loved you he would wait until youare ready to give yourselffully to him. I fhe cant respect that then he isnt worth your time. You could end up giving you self to him and then he could still break your heart. Then what will you do? Give him the space he needs. And if he comes back to you then he really wants to be with you and if he doesnt then it was never meant to be in the first place..


                Sex will not solve anything hun. He obviously doesn’t love you if he is acting like this. It is hard to stop loving somebody even though they hurt you. I think you need to find somebody that will treat you good and you will forget about him.
                Good Luck


                  Hey my name is camila. You are going to same thing that i went throgh with my boyfriend except the sex part. Me and my boyfriend has been together for almost 2 years now on and off. Don’t worry about it if he really loves you he’ll come around my boyfriend did. I used to weigh 118 pounds i am now at 99 i lost alot of weight cryin and being stressed for no reason because were still together and the only thing that it did was made us and our relationship stronger. So dont worry about nothing if it’s ment for you guys to be together it’ll happen just belive in God and he’ll help you. Take care and GOD BLESS YOU


                    Do not have sex until you are ready. you are not ready now and you would be doing it for the wrong reasons. no guy is worth that. you deserve the best and to have the utmost respect and love for yourslef means to take care of yourself. dont rush into sex, it will only bring about more problems i promise. just enjoy your time with him and do fun things. if it is true love sex can wait .
                    pray about it and stay strong.

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