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      I am only 16 and I may be pregnant. I have already had my period but I have all of the symptoms, except nausea. I took a pregnancy test about a month and a half ago and it came up negative. I get cramps and I have never had them before. My boyfriend and I had un-protected sex a couple times before my last period but he pulled out. Could I get pregnant off of pre-cum? Could I be pregnant and still have had my period? I really need help, please. :ermm:


        yes you can get pregnant from pre-cum it contains sprem. just go to you doctors!!!


          You might be pregnant from pre-ejaculation. The pull out method has been proven time and time again to not be a good method of birth control at all. Also the only way to tell for sure is to be tested. If you are feeling symtoms and are not pregnant then there might be something else going on. Many people who are not pregnant "feel symptoms" only because the possibility has caused you to pay more attention to your body. The strange feelings that you might be experiencing are fueled by anxiety. Pregnant or not you should not stress yourself out. If you are not pregnant and are this concerned with the possibility, start a reliable method of birth contol asap.


            Dear, Chris
            Sweetie most likely you are not pregnant. On an average 28 day mensual cycle you are fertile around 14 days after the first day of your last monthly period. If sperm is present when you ovulate then fertilization can take place, once the egg is fertilized it takes 7 to 12 days to travel down the fallopian tube and implant in the uterus lining. When implantation occurs it can cause some spotting which is around when your period is due, most women mistake implantation for the starting of their menstrual period. The first day of your missed period is when you can take a pregnancy test which is around 14 days after you ovulate. Since you had sex right before your period you most likely were not fertile. I recomend all sexually active girls to go on birth control for added safety against pregnancy. Stay Safe
            Love, Falon


              Well, I would say that you are not pregnant since the fact that you had sex right after yor period. However, you need to get on birth control since you ovously do not know when you are fertile or not. But you do need to take another test since if you feel the neesd to since you can be pregnant on you period,


                yes girl u stil can be i’m 18 and i had my period when i first found out that i was now i’m 2 months away from deilvery so just go to the doctors and make sure cuz that the only 4sure way to kow and easy ur worries a lil

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