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      :ermm: I just found out I was pregnant and that very same day my brother and my cousin saw my boyfriend in the front of his house kissing on another girl. Even though he told me he was coming to my house in 30 min. He never showed up. The bad thing about it is that we live on the same street.I want to break up with him but he doesn’t know I’m pregnant yet. I’m scared that he want do anything for our baby. And another bombshell (he just told like a month ago that his ex-girlfriend is 8 months pregnant. What do I do?????


        You should definately tell him ASAP… iwent thru a similar situation except i found out that my bf was engaged to sum chick all the way across the country .. at first we didnt talk for about a month and then he finally came to his senses and since then we have worked out alot of our issues and issues concerning the baby .. this is also his second child but i do believe that people can change.. so i think u shud tell him and if he wants to be a deadbeat then that is on his conscience .. dont let him control your decision to have your child or anything like that cuz its not ur babys fault if he decides he doesnt wanna be there… but u shud tell him soon cuz he has the right know and he will porbably find out soon enuff anyway .. good luck


          leave him. u and ur baby are better off. all u need from him is for him to see tha baby occasioally and provide chile support. if he’s not man enought to stay faithful to u and will leave another girl who’s pregnant w/ his kid, u shouldn’t put up with him or put urself under the stress b/c it will hurt ur baby.
          u can do better by urself, b/c if this is how he acts b4 he knos ur pregnant, it will only get worse as time goes by.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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