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      Here’s a little history about me to start off with.. I’m an only child & my parents except me to be their “perfect little angel” I have to get great grades & stay focused on positive things. They don’t expect me to mess up. I’ve only had two serious relationships. I’ve also been a victim of criminal sexual conduct 🙁
      I have been going out with my current boyfriend for 5 months. We love eachother very much. Him & I are only 15 though. We have our whole lives ahead of us but we recently had sex. Twice. Once without a condom. Then the second time we had one but only used it for part of the time. I don’t know what came over us or what we were thinking. I know what I did was wrong. I’ve been very nervous. I’m not sure how to tell if I am pregnant or not. I don’t really want to tell my parents about anything because I know they would not trust me or let me see him again. What should I do??? :unsure:


        Hey. You sound like a pretty smart girl, except for one thing! I would be a total hypocrite though for saying how dumb it is to not use a condom , because I just found out that i’m pregnant as a result of not using them :blush: .
        My advice to you would be to stay clam, don’t rush into telling your parents yet. Try and figure out your menstrual cycles. When was your last period? What day did you have sex on? Did he ejaculate inside of you? There are only about 5-7 days in a month that a woman is fertile. So, let’s hope the day you had sex didn’t fall on one of those days. In a normal menstrual cycle, a woman ovulates about 2 weeks after the first day of her last period. You’re most fertile 2-3 days before ovulating, the day of ovulation, and about a day after. ( the egg only survives for about 24 hours).
        It might help you to look at a calendar and count 2 weeks from the first day of your period, and then see if the day you had sex fell into that week. If it didn’t, you can probably stop worrying. If it did, the only thing you can do is wait and see if you get your next period.
        Good luck, i hope every thing works out for you.


          This is just another thing that happened…I got my period that same night that we did things. does that mean anything? like i definately will be, or will not be pregnant?


            You got your period that night after you had sex? Pheeww. That is good! You couldn’t be pregnant than.


              are you sure? :dry: i’m just so scared! like i don’t know much about this kind of stuff & i don’t see how you can tell if someone is or not. this is just so stressful!


                MsWorrysome don’t worry so much. I was also the perfect little angel until my mother found weed in my bag. I was actually relieved afterward that I could just be me and didn’t have to live up to false expectations anymore. You made mistakes, that you can repent of and be forgiven for. If you are pregnant please keep your baby! I beg you. having seen abortion photos and videos, I am in a state of despair. I have not had an abortion, I kept my little boy, but I feel such a deep loathing and mourning and grieving for all the millions of babies down the drain. (I just want to adopt them all, I want to love them and hold them).
                You are old enough! You are mature enough! God gives you the motherly instincts once your baby is born! I’m sure if you have a little one, he will have much fun with you. I’m sure your parents would love to keep their grandchild. I don’t think they want their grandchild dismembered (ripped, torn and sucked apart)! You are not the first teenage pregnancy in the world! Your situation is quite common – your parents thinking you’re a little angel and all. And who says you’re not?
                If you are pregnant then it is YOUR baby! No one elses! In YOUR body!
                Remember God knows your baby and your baby knows God. Don’t kill your little one just to satisfy your parents false view of you! Let them know who you are. A close relative of mine’s father found her diary with all her sexual secrets! She’s fine today, he’s fine today…It all blows over. Sex is a beautiful God-given thing, it should just be had within marriage. When you are older you will deeply regret having given a darn about how your parents might have reacted. PLEASE KEEP YOUR PRECIOUS BABY. He has nothing to do with the problems you might think you have. He is just excited to be alive, anticipating meeting you! He is not a blob, he is a human being. My baby was always Levi, from the moment of conception he was Levi. He was always human! You have a miracle in side of you if you are pregnant. Pregnancy is not a terrible thing that people must fret about, it is a joyous celebration of life. God is creating a living breathing walking talking little person inside of you. Who has the right to stop God’s work? If your parents are Christian they’ll know about forgivess and that God loves His little babies! They’ll know that guilt and shame is washed away in the blood of Christ! May God bless you and be with you during this time. May his angels guide you on the right paths. In every hard testing He makes a way out for you and that way is not abortion!
                “In all your ways acknowledge him,

                And he will direct your paths.”
                – Proverbs 3:6.


                  ok. thank you so much!
                  I just don’t have much knowledge about any of this & I wish I knew more. I took a child development class this year, & if there is anything that I promised myself, is that i’m going to get everything for my baby, before I even have one. That way I’m completely ready for that little bundle of joy, but if I have a baby now, it would ruin my promise to myself.


                    hi…if you started your periods the same night that you had sex, then you not pregnant…sperm can only live in your system for 7 days and by the time your body starts releasing another egg there wont be anything to fertilize it.


                      What about your promises to your baby like the promise of life, or the promise of breath or the promise of love? I have a six month old baby and he is happiest when he is naked! He cries when I dress him or put his nappy on!He doesn’t care about clothes or his pram – he would much rather I carried him all the time. He doesn’t care about his cot or the make of it. He just wants to sleep next to me. Thus he would actually be happiest if he were naked, without a cot or a pram. These things are what society expect from you. I have these things because it is easier for me. Like you said it was a promise to yourself and has nothing to do with the baby. I don’t think your baby’s saying, “Listen mommy, if you don’t have everything ready then I don’t want to be born, just kill me okay, even if it is horrific!”
                      I tell you, a person can always find a reason not to be ready. Like you don’t earn enough or you don’t have your own place or you don’t have a nursery. But, I tell you, YOU are enough. Your baby just wants you. Don’t deny him that because he doesn’t have a pram. Take life as it comes, you can’t control everything, and don’t start to kill because you can’t!My sister was 29 when she had her baby, married, double income, 2 cars and still they felt they weren’t ready. But now she loves her son so much and won’t trade him for a nursery! Everything I have was gifts from family: the cot, baby rocker, pram, clothes. I didn’t even have medical aid. We didn’t know how we were going to pay for the birth or any of the things he needed, we just knew that we were definitely going to keep him and God took care of the rest! I will BURN all his things, just to keep him. Is it other way around for you? When you’re pregnant, having everything ready seems very important, but when you have your baby you don’t really care about those things. The clothes my baby wears no matter how cute can never compare to my baby himself, Levi. Please be smart. research what they do to unborn babies, look at some pics and videos. Read some of the testimonies on this site of women who have had an abortion. Ask yourself if this is what you want. You really want to prepare so much for your babies birth then prepare likewise for his death if that is what you choose. Look at those pics and put your face on it and say, “Yes this is what I want”. Put that pic on your wall and name it, “My Baby”.


                        You know what? You will never feel completely ready for a baby. The only way you can know if you ARE ready is if you find out that you are a mommy. If you did end up being pregnant, I want you to know that you can keep the baby. I know that you can do it.
                        Whatever you do, don’t have an abortion because of your parents or anything. Think about you and your baby, not about anyone’s opinion of you, ok?


                          hey i have the exact same problem i had sex on the 2nd on feb and my last period was on the 7th of january but usually my periods are irregular so i dont know if i could be pregnant. my boyfriend didnt cum inside me either we used a condom and he had to change and he put his… inside me for 2 min then we used at the end so i too myself im trying not to freak out and im actually 15 too i was brought up in christian family and parents are pretty strict they will probably kick me out if they found out……. lets just keep are heads up and hope for the best¬!:blush:


                            Hi Kitsum78945!
                            You could be pregnant, I guess there’s always that possibility. Try not to freak out and take a HPT in a couple of weeks.
                            If you want more people to answer your questions you will want to start a new topic. 🙂
                            Have a good day!

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