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      My name is Jamalynn. I’m only 14 and I’m having a baby. My boyfiend and me are so happy we could have a baby together. We just wanted to no is this going to be hard work to do. I no that when you have a baby it is not about yourself anymore. I just want every thing to go smooth for me and him. We are just so happy we just think that are familys will under stand if we thell them how can we do that. We wnat to be together but do you think they can make us leave each other. My dad also does not like my boyfiend that much either. Nither his brother or sister like me. I’m ready to be a mom and he is ready to be a dad. How do we get by if I where to get kicked out. I mean I don’t think they would do that but I don’t no. What would you do if you where in my shoes. Please anyone who reads this please write me. Thank you so much…..JAMALYNN

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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