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      Hey guys, as some of you may know, I am 15…
      I have NOT had sex before and don’t plan to until marriage…
      However, during mid april, curiosity got the best of my boyfriend and I…

      We were taking a shower together and we both got really turned on…We decided just to stick it in to feel what it would be like. We could not fit the whole thing in…just the head. And there was absolutely no thrusting…it was just for a few seconds and we pulled it out…

      He had not ejaculated at all that day and had urinated many times since his last ejaculation. We tried our best to make sure there was no pre cum and then we just stuck the tip in…

      Although I did not think anything of it, my period is late by a week and a day exactly and I am worried that I may be pregnant.

      This may be because of stress because I have been under a lot of stress lately, but am still paranoid. There is a store close to my school so on Monday we are going to walk there and get a pregnancy test just in case…

      I was just wondering if anyone knew the chances of me getting pregnant. I am really worried. I know I am probably overreacting, but I just need to know for sure…

      So if someone could please give me some advice or input that would be great. Thanks so much guys!


        Hi, my name is Savannah.
        It is possible. But of course there is always a possiblity with sex. I would wait another week until you take a pregnancy test, because it could be a false result. That happened to my boyfriend and I. Since he didnt ejaculate all day, as soon it was in a little, it shot. And we are expecting a son. This could also just be stress thats causing ur late period. I hope everything works out for you.


          i,m sorry to say this but it looks u might be pregnant hun also even if u pull out before the guy comes u can still end up pregnant so u probaly i hope that helps:D


            Sex can make a period late, especially if that was the first time. Be on the same side though take a test. Good luck.


              HI Amber
              yes its possible to get pregnant with pre cum but if you are pregnant you;ve must of been ovulating (thats the only time you can get pregnant) but its plenty of symptoms u can have to know your preganat but you can also go to a free clinic with just a state id an they will tell you in like 5min….gud luck to you and you should give me an update on if your going to keep it or no


                I’m not pregnant 🙂
                It wasn’t sex…we just stuck it in for a second, but did NOT move onto sex. We took it out and didn’t go any further. Anyways, I figured out that I’m not pregnant. No babies or sex for me until I am married.


                  I would advise you that if you are planning on waiting until marriage for sex to not do the showering together or other sexual activity. Although you cant get pregnant by oral sex, its still sex, and its part of becoming one with another person. Acts like showering together and stuff are only going to lead you to more temptation, and next time it may be different. I know from experience that saving all the physical and sexual acts for marriage really is rewarding and you respect each other and yourselves more for it.


                    I didn’t say anything about Oral sex. But you are right. We are planning to get married, but you are right. We are going to start saving those acts for marraige.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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