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      My fiancee and I have been together for 3 years and out daughter is 10 months old. Im 17 and we want to get married in november.

      The only problem is that my parents are not going to allow it that soon. Should I wait till I turn 18 in April or should I try harder to convince them that this is what we really want to do.


        Honestly to stop all the hassles i’d leave it to April when you turn 18. Theres only a few months difference and not worth bickering about it. I hope all goes well for you!


          Obviously u and ur bf are serious about each other, and personally if i was ur parents i’d let u 🙂 hehe.

          but at the end of the day they are ur parents, and u literally can’t get married till u have ther say so.

          maybe try talking to them sensibly like sitting them down and saying how much it means to u etc etc, and definately don’t act childish about it, cos then they’ll have reason to doubt ur not ready. hopefully they’ll allow it.

          but if they don’t allow it, respect their decision and just wait a little while, they are only saying it cos ther trying to protect u. and try to understand that. its not that long to wait with all uv been through together.

          good luck xxx


            hun i’m not gonna tell u to be patient and wait till april beacuse i didn’t…i was 17 when i got married back in Feb and i didn’t turn 18 till april…i convinced my dad that it was the best thing for me to get married before i had my baby so he could just go staight on my husbands insurance and my dad agreed with my decicion…i know ur parents are just trying to wait and see what happens, because lots of teens marriages end in divorce because we are so young are usually jumo into things before we give ourselves time to sit and think about of choice….so just try talking to them and let them know that u love eachother and that he will take care of you and not to worry…..good luck….u can email me if u need ne thing or have ne questions….


              I think that if it’s meant to be waiting one more year as hard as it sounds would be a good idea.
              After all, people have waited far longer than that — some even decades if you look at all those romantic love stories haha — to be together!
              And all the best for your family!:D


                i would do what you feel is rite i would try to talk to my parents once more n if it doesnt work than maybe wait cause you dont want them not to be there. but you guys have been together for a while so they should be ok i would if my daughter wanted to get married.its all up to you you need to do what feels rite n good luck n congrats.


                  its up to you wether you feel like you want to get married, its not anyone elses, they cant tell you that you cant.

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