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      ok so im 17 and and im about 6 weeks pregnant. the dad still wants to be with me but hes quite a bit older and its not leagal for us to be together. i havent told my guardians yet because i dont know how. almost everyone in this family has been through a teenage pregnancy or something drug related.
      i just got back from louisianna i had just dropped out of high school and i thought i was mature in my decision making because i worked with adults and hung out with adults, so when i decided i wanted to get pregnant at 17 i never thought i would be here, scared.
      my first thought when i got back to washington was i would have an abortion so i got on line and found this site. it talked about every aspect of having an abortion and i decided that i wanted to keep my baby. but please if anyone has any advice on how to tell my gaurdians it would be a big help. thanks~~ki-ki~~


        If your family has faced teenage pregnancies before then perhaps your guardians will not be as shocked or react as negatively. I’m glad that you decided to keep the baby. You said that you dropped out of school. Have you gotten a GED? I would recommend staying in school, but if you need or want to work instead I would at least get a GED which will help you to get better jobs and open up more possibilities for the future.



          When I told my father I was pregnant The first words he said was abort it or get rid of it . It would ruin your life. For the first time ever I stood up to him and said no. I had my baby at a young age. I also dropped out of school. My baby is now 9 and I only have a GED. I wish I would have finished school. My advice to you is get back in school. Its not too late for you to finish. Dont have that regret. Also have a paster or some other support go with you. Let them know you understand the road ahead is long and hard but with their love and support you can make a great life for you and the baby. Or if you dont really think you have it in you to raise your baby find Bethany Christian Adoption and they can help you tell your parents and you can tell them you already have a plan. That will show such Maturaty. I hope it all goes well. Just dont let anyone talk you into an abortion. I did abort one pregnancy years ago. A guilt and pain I cant put into words. I think thats why I have 3 kids now. I stll ache over my lost baby. But I think I kept trying to fill that void. I dont want anyone to feel that depresion or self hate I felt.


            The other girls r right u can get ur Ged.there’s programs and schools for pregnant teenagers i actually go to one and they can help u with basically everything but im all the way in ny.But no one can make u abort ur baby no matter what ur parents say its not legal and not there decision it’s yours so whatever u xhoose than be right with ur choice. good luck


              i got pregnant at 17 too. i told my parents the day i found out. they were really shocked and i got a hell of a time. they didnt tell me to abort because in malta it is illegal and they are religious. i was doing my A levels (the exams you should have before going to university), and i passed all of them. i married my partner 3 months later and went to university 7 months preganant. it used to take me 2 hours to go to uni and 2 hours back. i spent 4 years at university and i finish the teacher course in 5 days time. today my parents really love our daughter and are always looking forward to see her. it was really hard but worth it. i can now get a decent job and we will be trying for another baby soon. so do not discourage yourself. everyone can do it. it’s true that you need a lot of help and support, but do not be afraid to accept help. it will be easier. do not get discouraged. face problems and they will come into place.


                Be honest when telling your guardians, and be straight forward. If you really want to keep your baby (good for you!!) then make sure they understand that so they hopefully don’t try to push you towards abortion. I had a son at age seventeen, and it was hard. I too droped out of school, but soon realized what a mistake that was. DOn’t let anyone fool you-an education is your ticket to a good life. If you don’t have an education, you really won’t be able to support your baby when the time comes. I eventually got my GED (please think about doing the same!) and am now in college. No, attending school will not be easy, especially being pregnant,but you can do it. Re-enroll in high school if it is not too late. If you are only 17, you should be able to re-enroll. I am telling you from experience, don’t take the easy way out by quitting school. Your child will be so proud someday to know how much it’s mommy cared to still get her education despite being put in a difficlut situation. 🙂

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