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      ok so im dealing with numerous issues I am 17 and 5 months pregnant im not with guy who i got pregnant by he is bad news i got pregnant while me and my bf were broken up it was only for a week my bf and me are back together and he is aware the baby for sure isnt his but we are both very scared my son will look like the other guy because the other guy was a redhead and me nor my bf have red hair were both very scared im not going to be judgmental on my baby i will love him no different but just knowing my bf is stressing on it makes me stress my boyfriend has questions running through his head like what will his family think when the baby looks like someone else especially a red head the reason we chose not to tell anyone any different is because we are starting a family and even though my bf isnt the blood father dosent mean he’s gonna love him any different im just really scared and i dont know what to do im stressed about that and ujs both stressing is making me very insecure our relationship has been bumpy but i really wanna make it work if someone will give me some advice and maybe even just someone to talk to i would appreciat it i really need someone right now


        Good news! The gene for red hair is recessive- that means if you don’t have it, and nobody in your family has it, your baby won’t have it either. You can relax :silly:


          The really good news is that WHO you have in you is a blessing!! Psalm 127:3 in God’s word says that "Children are a gift from the Lord". The even greater news is that you decided to accept that precious gift. More importantly though than who this GIFT looks like is your personal walk with Jesus, which effects the Person this child will grow up to be. I too became pregnant before I was married. I chose to accept God’s precious gift to me, and now that gift is 7 years old. Her father and I were married when I was 6 mos. pregnant. I am not saying that jumping into marriage is the thing to do, First and foremost your love for God is the relationship that should be regularly evaluated. Then your relationship with the baby’s father. If you truly love him and he you then marriage should definatly be considered. Enough of that though. I am not a preacher.B) About this precious life inside of you though, he or she has been lended to you , yes lended not given, so that you and his or her father can raise him or her to glorify God. Congratulations! and I will keep you in my prayers for your journey. The responsibilities of having a baby are much greater than changing diapers and feeding. They go much deeper. You are now responsible for equiping that child for a future in Christ Jesus. God Bless You!!!!:) Sam


            well i definately wouldnt say relax about it- its def not impossible for the baby to have red hair even tho it is a recessive trait b/c who knows if youre homozygous for the dominant hair color you have? my parents both have dark hair and come from families like that and i’m a brunette, my sis is blonde, and my bro is a red head. sometimes its like labradors- you can get any color hair. sometimes you cant though. BUT even if the baby has red hair no one can say its not your bfs because of this possibility. good luck! i think it wont be a red head but it is possible!!

            39 weeks


              Hey hun, im sorry your going through this but if your baby was by your bf he still could come out with red hair. its your jeans that go way back. both of my parents have dark brown hair all my brothers and i came out with redbrown hair. no mattter what color the hair is. Your baby can come out looking like your great great great great great grandpa lol. wish you luck.

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