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      well hello um ima christian and i know its wrong to have sex but i did and it wasnt my intention like it happened when i was 13. my cousin was staying the night all i remember was him coming in my room and touching me in places that was private and i was scared that night i havent told anyone and i feel like i need to cuz now i feel like im no longer a virgin and i feel dirty ever since it happened. i had wished that he would die and he did a year later from a nasal problem. was i wrong to say something like that? and now i feel like im addicted to sex but i havent done it but i did once and i feel like ima do it again how can i tell my parents i probably need birth control.? and how do i make the urge from having sex stop? i know it doesnt relate to pregnant symptoms but im sorry.


        Im sorry you expeirenced something no girl should. You shouldnt feel guilt for something you said through anger. This boy did something incredibly wrong and you cant help but have the feelings you did. But be careful when it comes to these urges your having. Birth control is completely a great idea. But I set a prime example of it not being 100 percent preventable in pregnancy. Im now 18 weeks along with my baby at the age of 17. Me and my boyfriend had many talks before this ever happen so we completely understood what could of happen and actually did happen. Just be careful and make wise decesions.


          its not your fault your cousin did those things to you. and am sure its not your fault he died. am a christian too and i believe if we ask God to forgive us and confess to him he does
          he is faithful and just
          the. dear the desire to hav sex is sooooooooooooooo normal u just need to stop feeding it< stop thinking about it, stop trying to do it>

          or the best solution get married love

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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