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      Hey everyone. I’m 9 months pregnant, and I am sooooooooooo scared about labor and delivery. Not so much about the pain, but for my daughter’s well-being. I’m so scared that something bad will happen to her. Anyone have any comforting thoughts for the extremely worried???

      Also, I’ve been really pretty good throughout my pregnancy, and recently, I just got a new boyfriend (the father left me a while ago). He smokes and everything: not around me…but does it hurt the baby when I’m around him…just because his clothes smell like smoke??

      Thanks ladies,



        Hey carlie…congratulations on your little bundle 🙂 I am praying for you that the Lord will give you a good focal point during your labor to keep you distracted form the what if’s. And I am praying that He would keep you and your little girl safley tucked away in the shadow of His wings. I have had 2 babies (now almost 5 and 2 1/2) I had some fears just like you do and I think its normal to worry about something going wrong. My daughter was born with her cord wrapped twice around her neck. The doctor had it undone so quickly that I didnt have time to freak out. She turned out just fine. My son was a blue baby and sometimes I still worry about him when he gets sick because I have heard that blue babies have more resperatory problems than most. Medical science is so advanced nowadays that they can take care of almost anything that happens. Make sure that if you have group b strep that you watch for signs in your baby, my son ended up with it and I didnt even know he was sick. Some of the symptoms are….not eating alot, being lethargic, and spitting up (not like a full vomit but the feeding basically just coming right back out). I hope this info would give you wisdom and comfort. The only One who can relieve our fears and give us peace is Jesus 🙂 ps. right now because you are still preg the second hand smoke will only affect you not the baby….when the baby is born if your bf holds her smelling like smoke it will affect her. Make sure that no matter what happens you choose your baby over a man. If he is not willing to go to the extremes to keep her healthy, and do faithfully stay by you (if he is going to he should marry you) then he is not worth having someone to hold. I had to learn the hard way twice. I now am married to a wonderful man who has never smoked or drank a day in his life and he is not the father of either one of my kids (he is a great daddy to them though) so dont sell yourself short. Make sure that you choose a good daddy for your little girl, I will be praying for you. (please dont think I am judging your bf just because he smokes doesnt mean he wont make a good daddy I am just stating facts about health issues, my sons dad smokes and we have a hard time letting him go with him because of it) let us all know how your birth goes 🙂 Meg


          Hey. I was really young when I had my son and I was told a lot of stories that had me freaked out so I looked it all up and read on every thing that can go wrong. When I felt I had a good understanding, I talked to my docotor about how things will work and what she would do to keep my baby safe. I was very happy with her answer’s and she also gave me a phone number to people that give’s tours of the maternity floor of the hospital. Knowing what can go wrong and that the doctor is ready for it made me feel a lot better and I didn’t freak out really at all any more. We also talked about the pain and what drugs that I can take during labour if needed. I was a week late and when I gave birth to my son and he was great, no problems. My labour took 6hours and I didn’t even need the drug’s. It’s not as bad as it looks on t.v.!!!!! Relax you are going to be fine,talk to other moms, it helps. Godd luck. let us know when you have your baby!!!;)


            Keep in mind that you are fortunate enough to have your baby in this day and age rather than 100 years ago, or even 20 for that matter. Medical science has advanced so much that my 12-year-old had a 10% chance of survival being 16-weeks premature whereas there is a 50% chance nowadays. Obviously, my first advice to you would be to pray about your fears and turn them over to God, but also pray and ask for others to pray for your baby’s well being and the doctors’ skilled hands. After doing that, try to let it go and not get stressed [which is bad for you and the baby during l&d].


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