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      i think i may b pregnant but i keep having somthing lik my period but its different it really lighter than my normal periods….i hav a lil belly n im tired all the time and feeling nauseous and the smell of some tings make me wana throw up:sick: ….what do u think is goin on? can i be preg?


        well i thought i was preg and the same as you i hav gotten abit of a belly and having alot of the other symptoms, just last night i got my period so i bought a preg test today but havnt done it yet…you could be b having plantation bleeding or it cud be old blood oe it cud jus b ur period..i say do a test..if it comes negative wait a week and do another…daniella


          Hey.. i am still like that with and im 12 weeks. so i think you could be.. my periods were normally heavy and 7-8 days.. now they are 3-4 days or less and light.. and have you seen my bump now lol ?? it made me believe i was so i took a test and it showed negative, i took a second test and it showed positive, so i think you could be, but to be sure i would suggest taking a test !!


            i think it does sound like you are pregnant.. the only way u can really know is if you take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor for a bood test


              it is really hard to tell whether you are even though those do sound like preggo symptoms. you really should take a test. i know you get tired of people sayin that when you just want a quick answer. lOl. but dont stress yourself out because that could be part of you feeling those symptoms because you think about it too much! GOOD LUCK!!


                well it sounds like preg systoms to me you need to take a test and go to a gyn visit to see n if you are you def want to know how far along you are . good luck


                  hi the same thing happened to me…and i didnt know what was going on..then i took 3 test and they all said that i was pregnant!!go get a test and talk to ur boyfriend or parents!!good luck


                    You can get your period when your pregnant… but you can also be paranoid. Take a preganancy test. I think you should also see a doctor if your period does continue to stay like that.


                      Take a test chick, it’s the only way you’ll know for sure. I had very light periods for the first few months when I was expecting my daughter. It wasn’t until I was about 16 weeks that they stopped.


                        here’s a little update..i never took a test and i quss im not pregnant bcuz i was bleeding and spotting for lik 3 weeks but still feel tired alot n i still feel nauseous but not as much, i have these viens on my breast n thighs which i never saw b4…this is getting really wierd now

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