I miss him

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      I’ve been doing ok, getting my llfe together and getting ready for my baby boy…and I try not to think about his daddy. But I miss him so much. Everytime I try to talk to him, it turns out bad. And I guess he’s even being mean and withdrawn toward everyone now, and drinking way too much. I’m worried about him, and I wish that we could talk without hurting each other. I don’t know how to make him see how much this hurts…I just want to be with him, and I don’t understand why he left us. Maybe i’m just having a hard day, but I just want to be with the one that I love. Is that selfish? I want to get through this.


        Wanting your baby to have a dad, wanting to be with your loved ones, to have a happy family? That’s the farthest thing from selfish!
        I don’t know the whole story but it sounds like he’s emotionally withdrawn, maybe depressed? That’s not something any one person can fix on their own, not him and not you. His family needs to get him to a doctor, especially if he’s "self-medicating" with alcohol.
        I’ll keep you in my prayers


          I’m sorry you are going throug hsuch pain – especially when you should be at yur happiest moments of your entire life.

          I guess I would say give him space. He has to come back on his own. If it’s meant to be it will happen. It can’t be forced. And it sounds like he has a lot of issues right now that are not healthyfor you and the baby.

          I know you are lonely and probably scared of doing this alone right now – but I swear to you everything will work out in the end – and if it’s not with him it’s because there is a GREAT GUY and a GREAT dad out there waiting for you.


          t’s perfectly normal for you to be having a bad day and to grieve the potential loss of your love.

          Hang in there. Soon you’ll days will be VERY busy!!!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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