I miss being pregnant

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      Has anyone feel like this, i just had my baby girl october 14, and i love her to death, but i cant stop missing being pregnant, im startig to feel a lil bit depressed, i cant stop looking at my belly and wishing it was there (a belly), i miss feeling all that kicks and hiccups,i miss this so much that im starting to want to be pregnant again, i know this is wrong i mean, i know that i just had a baby and that im too young and taht i dont even have a job, but i just miss this so much, im already starting to cry, please i need someones advice


        I’m sure you are feeling depressed but that is very common for most women, you’ve heard of postpartum blues? Of course you love your baby, but it’s a hard change going from pregnant to after the baby is born. When you were pregnant you felt very special and important, it was all about you. You were proud and people admired you. (not to mention, you were flooded with "feel good" hormones) Now, the attention has shifted to the baby, the baby is special and admired. Now you are faced with the reality of all the work that goes into caring for the baby.You’re hormones have now taken a down turn and you truely are not feeling that good.
        But remember, now is when you are most important and special. Now you are a mom, the most important, respected position there is in society. Now is the time to make your baby as happy as possible and make him and yourself proud. Having another baby now would take away from the bond you want to establish with this baby. Don’t cheat him or yourself from this precious time together, it;s the only chance you’ll ever have alone with him, you have many future years to come for other babies. Lots of love and strength to you-lisa


          Well i had those feelings till my son was a year if i remember right.. and now he’s two and four months..and those feelings are coming back. i don’t have a boyfriend, im on birth control… all of that. i know i cant have another baby.. it was just such a wonderful expierence that I’ve wanted to re live it ever since. we just have to know deep down, that we cant do that … its something we just have to deal with. thats what i do.


            yeah, i mean im preganant right now, but i think about that same thing alot, i know ill have that on my mind when that time comes, but always know that there is a whole life ahead of you when you can have another baby, or as many as you want. Man if it was practical for me I’d be pregnant all the time and just pop out a million babies lol


              Yeah, I had the same feeling after I gave birth to my son, I haven’t read any scientifice research on it, but as far as I’m concerned from my experiences and the women I talked to, it’s perfectly normal, and it just passes with time.
              I think for me it passed when my son got to about six months of age, but my memory could be fuzzy, because he’s two and a half now and it was ages ago lol. Now I just want another baby, but I know I can’t because I’m single lol!


                i felt this way with both my kids too. Its normal but could be post partum blues too.
                You lived with that belly for nearly 9months and you got used to it and overnight its gone. Usually the phase goes and i reckon around 8mths you start to wish for another baby after u see your bub ‘growing’ up.


                  i do, too i had my daughter madison on december 31st/07 and i go to school for young teen moms and pregnant teens and i see there bellies and such i miss it sooo much.. not to the point where i break down and cry but i took it for gratitude and wanted her out so bad that i would love to feel her kick me and everything.

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